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Ben Franklin and the Puritans Paper

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Like the Puritans, Benjamin Franklin believed in God and the virtues of hard work, thrift and prosperity.Yet it is uncertain whether Franklin and the Puritans actually shared the same image of God and man. The Puritans believed that because of Adam and Eve’s sin of disobedience, most of humanity would be damned for all eternity.Yet, though Adam’s sin was damning, the Puritans believed that because of God’s mercy He would send His son to earth to allow some to be saved.They also believed that God determined a person’s fate.They said, “…a person could do nothing to become one of the saved.”On the other hand Benjamin Franklin believed that ones self determines where he will end up in the after life.He believed that Adam and Eve’s original sin did not punish man.He said “…our souls are immortal; and that all crime will be punished and virtue rewarded either here or hereafter….”That is the quite contrary to what the Puritans believed.What Benjamin Franklin is saying there is that our souls will live on forever and our bad doings will be punished, while our good deeds will be rewarded either during our life or in the after life. Benjamin Franklin was a deist.Deists avoided supporting specific religious sects.They sought, instead, the principles that united all the religions (belief in God).On the contrary, the Puritans had their own specific religion and followed just that. Furthermore, Benjamin Franklin stressed humanity’s inherent goodness (humans, deep down, try to do good) while the Puritans believed that humans were all sinners and, basically, not good people.In fact they said that the government was very necessary because of the sinful state of humanity.Benjamin Franklin said “The best form of worship was to do good for others.”Whereas the Puritans said “Religion is a personal, inner experience”…

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