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Ben Franklin Essay

Ben Franklin, in recent times, has been looked upon as a scientist and a humanitarian. He was such an influence. He was the all over man of American History. Ben concurred all of his goals with an exceptional range of even more accomplishments (Donavan.p.7).
Ben Franklin was born on a snowy, January morning in the year 1706. Baby Ben had sixteen brothers and sisters; of these, only thirteen lived. Ben was the fifteenth son of his mother, Josiah and father, Abiah. Franklin's mother was an original house wife-she cooked and she cleaned (Davidson.p.9). By the age of five, Ben knew how to take care of himself. Unlike all of his brothers and sisters, he really did not mind. Ben played all the time, and he loved flying kites and climbing trees. Ben went to school for two full years of his life. He studied Latin, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Young Ben loved to read. He could never put his book down (Usel.p.5). When Franklin was around twelve years of age, he helped his father make soap and candles; however, he hated working with his father because he would work twelve to fourteen hours a day. He really wanted to become a sailor. Ben's father was very afraid that his son would runaway and become a sailor (Usel.p.7). Ben was the most responsible of all his brothers and sisters with his work. He actually cared if he could read and write. He wanted to be more than a candle maker; he wanted to make something of himself. And he did, indeed, make something of himself (Anderson.p.18). Also in young Franklin's life, he loved to swim. So he decided to invent a pair of swimming aids for his hands. They helped him move across the pond faster and easier. Next, he made these sandal like flippers for his feet (Donavan.p.17). One day, Franklin put on his sandals that he had invented, held onto a kite, and glided across a mile wide pond on his back (Donavan.p.13). He loved to ride in boats, but since he was so small it was difficult. S…

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