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Ben Franklin Essay

Benjamin Franklin was born in the year 1706, in the city of Boston Mass. Ben was a great scientist, inventor and politician. With all of this going on Ben somehow also found time to be a father to his illegitimate son William, who he brought everywhere with him. The world today owes a lot to Benjamin Franklin.
Science was one of Benjamin's many interests. He was the one whofirst linked lightning and electricity. He did this in 1752 by flying a kite in a thunderstorm. The kite was being flown with a key attached to it and when the lightning hit the key the electricity traveled down the metal wire attached to it and shocked him. The kite experiment was not his only experiment though, he also performed several others to determine certain aspects of how electricity works. One of these involved static electricity. In this experiment he rubbed a piece of carpet on something metal and then proceeded to touch a metal spike. He was shocked by the spike. Being shocked proved that electricity cold be made by friction. This experiment also paved the way to the invention of the generator.
While Ben was studying electricity he came up with a couple of very useful inventions, which, we still use today. One of these inventions was a lightning rod. Benused the lightning rod in some of his early experiments linking lightning to electricity. The rod was simply mounted on a rooftop (or someplace else that was fairly high) with a wire coming from it connected to some electric buzzers. When the lightning would hit the rod the buzzers would ring. Ben also found a practical use for these rods he found that when mounted on houses lightning would be attracted directly to the rods and away from the house itself. After this discovery he started to sell the rods and mount them on rooftops. We still use rods similar to the ones he invented today.
Another interest of Ben's was politics. This you could probably say was his rea

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