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Ben frankiln and the US dream Essay

It has always been a common belief in this country that there is nothing that cannot be obtained through hard work and diligence.This is a belief that America was founded on andleaned against during its hardest times.Ben Franklin certainly believed in this, in fact he conducted his life by those very ideas.Franklin's autobiography reads more like a self-help book rather than a life story It is one that tells not just how to live as a good person, but how to live as an American.
Ben Franklin is not shy about his self opinion, he is aware if the success and prestige he has obtained in his life and is more than happy to let people know the secret of his success.Similarly Franklin's attitude towards America are much like his self opinion, proud and boastful of being the best.Franklin sees America as a free market of open competition where the strong survive to be number one.This is true of both the country and its people, and reflects Franklin's support of capitalism.
The America of Ben Franklin was one where anyone could come to get away from their problems and start a new life in freedom if you were willing to work for it.Franklin makes it evidently clear that he came from rather meager beginnings and was a self-made man.This idea of rags to riches and the ability of anyone to have success only becomes more profound a belief decades after Franklin's death..Franklin's America was one of a common idea of building a new nation versus the idea of self-betterment and doing what it takes to be successful.
Throughout his autobiography Franklin's description of how he lives his daily life can be compared to the regiment of most early Americans: work hard, succeed, gain on edge on your fellow man, and don't stop until you've reached the top.With all this boasting about being so successful, on may see Franklin as gloating a bit.Well why shouldn't he be, he would not be…

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