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Beauty: The Unobtainable Dream Essay

According to the Dictionary of Psychology, beauty is defined as "any characteristic in objects which appeals to the esthetic sense in its purest form"("Beauty"). Trends have grown from several ideals over the centuries. This lends to the idea that mankind is never satisfied with reality. People are constantly updating fashions to keep a look fresh or edgy. In this sense, physical beauty is an ever-changing process, dependent on ethnicity, geographic location, and time period. Since the fall of man, when self-consciousness was born, humans have been striving for ultimate beauty and the perfect self-image. Since ancient civilization there has been evidence of a beauty standard. Men and women have always had a fascination for the beautiful. The increasing preoccupation with beauty is linked with many of the great cultural and social changes of the past. Anxieties about beauty resonate deeply in human psychology. "It is not the influence of men or of capitalism that creates the intense desire for beauty" (Peiss 112). Cultural and social settings can heighten these worries and being attractive seems it can be the solution. This, basically, has to do with the biological, reproductive purpose of beauty. This interest leads to the evolution of the beauty standard. Since ancient times, the standard of beauty has constantly been evolving and reaching into new and different areas. And only since what is being referred to ever so lightheartedly as the ugly women's revolution has the general public started to look at the deeper sense of internal beauty. This leads to a whole self-discovery paradox since we cannot look at ourselves objectively; much less discover our inner mystique (Mystique of Women).
Even the Bible creates a certain allure of the beauty of mankind. Genesis 1:27 says "God created man in his own image." We can only assume that there is nothing greater or more beautiful than this all-k…

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