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Beatniks and Hippies Essay

In the times of recovery after 2 great World Wars and The Great Depression it was not hard to realize why there were some people that held negative reactions towards the lifestyle that the average American was used to living in the 50's through the late 70's and their ideals of values and beliefs of the nation. Two movements that was conceived and born of these feelings of alienation and freedom are the Beat movement and later the movement of the Hippies. These two movements are called the Counter Culture. For many people it is seen as a step backwards, and a period in the history of the United States where it is seen as a reason for all the problems in society there is today.
I although however believed that the best times in the United States came from the movements of the Counter Culture and what they had done to influence popular culture and society forever for the better and I will demonstrate with this essay how that has happened. Although however most will see them as a misguided or anarchic group of individuals, they actually contributed to one of the best eras of the United States. These movements promote freedom, basically freedom from the society that America has created. Free from their ideals and their monotonous view towards the world and its politics. And also the freedom to express oneself by anyway possible no matter if it is viewed as a radical move or not.
The beat movement refers to a set of literary, political, and social attitudes associated with certain American writers and artists during the 1950's. The Beat movement was an angry voice towards the complications of the problems given to us from the two World Wars. This is the rebellion against the America that is the descendant of the "Lost Generation" of the twenties and the "Bohemians" of the thirties and forties. However, this is the movement that will be known mostly for being the predecessor of the era of the Hippies…

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