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Essay Examples on Battle of Shiloh Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: American Civil War

1st Essay Sample on Battle of Shiloh

During the night of the April 5, 1862, Confederate commander, Albert S. Johnston, was sound asleep.Throughout his life he had reoccurring dreams in which a unicorn, with the name Shiloh, would appear and foretell what was to transpire within the next twenty-four hours.The unicorn stood tall and majestic with hair snow white and a horn of golden color that shimmered when light touched it.It’s eyes were that of one which had seen much and obtained knowledge others couldn’t even claim to possess.That night the unicorn appeared in his dreams and enlightened him with such information.It told of what was to take place when he arrived at the Union encampment at Pittsburg Landing, of the Battle that would go on to be called Shiloh, named after a meetinghouse 3 miles from the Landing.Then the unicorn spoke of his death.This was to be the last battle fought by Johnston, and his death was described to him in vivid detail. He woke up in a cold sweat, knowing that what the unicorn had said should be taken seriously because all it speaks of is truth.By that time, thefirst signs of morning were beginning to take place.The world was starting to wake up.Johnston and his troops headed towards the Union encampment, and upon their arrival they achieved complete surprise which was what the Confederates had anticipated.Due to the fact that neither side had ever fought in a battle in their lives, there was mass confusion. The Rebels were defeating the Federals position one after another, but the Union commander, Ulysses S. Grant , ordered for his troops to block the sunken road, in which the Confederates were traveling on, no matter what.Shots were fired at the Federals, but it did not faze them, at least not until the Confederate army obtained sixty-two cannons and started firing them at point black range down the sunken road.Soon after that monstrosity, the Union troops were forced to surrender.

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