Information:Should the Western Allies have pushed through Germany to Berlin in the final days of the war instead of deliberately allowing Soviet troops to come in from the East, thus ensuring Soviet domination not only of East Germany but also of all Eastern Europe? Research the various positions on this issue, including the differences of opinion within the U.S. government and military. The final days of the war happened during the battle of Berlin where the Western Allies fought with the Soviets and the Germans ruling the country.

It was a three country battle to win Berlin coming from east, west and north. The Soviets came from the east and south side of Berlin since they planned to encircle the country and at that moment the Red Army of the Western Allies were beginning to move on the west side of Berlin. Adolf Hitler was in Berlin and his movement slowly collapsing. During the strike of the Western Allies, the president of United States, Franklin D.

Roosevelt, died. Hitler thought that the allies would withdraw their forces and leave the country. U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower thought of withdrawing the troops in Berlin for he did not want to battle the Western Allies with the Soviet troops. For the meantime, the Soviets aggressively move to Berlin and attacked, it was when Hitler realized that his plans were defeated and would remain in the country until the end. The German IX Army was the last troop that actively fought with the Soviets but with the move that the Soviet 1st Belorussian Front and 1st Ukrainian Front was doing, they lost the battle.

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The Western Allies consists of Americans, British and French and they were determined to win the battle of Berlin but when the president of U.S. died, the sentiments of the troops weakened. If the allies continued with their ambition to attack the city of Berlin and fought with the Soviets, the war could have not been ended for the reason that the Soviets were willing to i…

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