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Essay About Battered Woman Essay

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This sample of an academic paper on Essay About Battered Woman reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.

Battered Women Who Kill In Roald Dahl’s “The Way Up to Heaven”, Mrs. Foster is an elderly woman who has a pathological fear of being late for any occasion. Whenever she is in danger of missing a train or plane or an engagement, a tiny muscle near her eye begins to twitch. Mr. Foster torments her harshly by making her wait for him, quite unnecessarily, past the hour when they must leave to arrive safely on time. An example of is when Mr. Foster suggests that they drop him off at his club on their way to the airport, knowing this will make Mrs. Foster late for her flight. He even seems to get enjoyment out of it.

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She has suffered his delaying tactics for years on special occasions and has only recently begun to suspect that he deliberately causes her great suffering. At the end of the story, Mrs. Foster lets Mr. Foster die intentionally, which leads to the topic “Battered Women Who Kill. ” The story gets underway as the Fosters plan to leave home for six weeks. Mrs. Foster is flying to Paris to visit her daughter and grandchildren; Mr. Foster will move to the club while she is gone. Mrs. Foster is overcome with increasing anxiety as she counts down the minutes until 9:15 a. m. when they must leave in order for her to arrive at the airport.

Battered Wife Essay

She fears that if she misses her plane, her husband will change his mind and not let her go at all. She wishes she could simply live in Paris and be with her grandchildren always. By the time Mr. Foster finally appears an joins her at the car, she’s too far behind schedule. Luckily, the flight is postponed until the next day due to inclement weather. When she’s ready to leave the next day, though, her husband suggests that they drop him off at his club on the way. This frightens Mrs. Foster, since the club is out of the way. It also increases her chances of missing her flight.

Knowing this will make her late, she protests in vain. Just before the car leaves to the airport, Mr. Foster runs back into the house to retrieve a gift he has for his daughter but forgot it in the house, maybe purposely to make his wife late. While he’s gone, Mrs. Foster discovers the gift box shoved down between the seat cushions. She runs up to the house to tell him that she has the gift, but as she stood by the door she listens, she stays frozen for 10 seconds, straining to hear something, and runs back to the car saying it’s too late and she can’t wait any longer. She makes her flight and has a wonderful visit with her randchildren. She writes her husband every week and sends him a telegram before she flies home six weeks later. He’s not at the airport to meet her though, and when she enters the house she notices a curious odor in the air. “She walked quickly across the hall and disappeared for a moment around the corner to the left, at the back. There was something deliberate and purposeful about this action; she had the air of a woman who is off to investigate a rumor or to confirm a suspicion. And when she returned a few seconds later, there was a little glimmer of satisfaction on her face” (6).

This shows she deliberately killed her husband and has no remorse. I understand why Mrs. Foster let her husband die. Mr. Foster gained joy by making his wife wait on him knowing she had a phobia of being late . Mrs. Foster just wanted to go live in Paris so she could be around her daughter and grandchildren, and watch them grow. She also knew it was disloyal to have those thoughts while her husband was still alive. So she let her husband die to be with her grandchildren because he tormented her all those years. “The Way Up to Heaven” by Roald Dahl shows how woman who are tortured and abused mentally a can only take so much from a man.

This is an example of why battered woman kill their husbands. In this instance battered woman are woman who are abused emotionally. Emotional abuse is defined as any behavior that threatens, intimidates, undermines the victim’s self-worth or self-esteem, or controls the victim’s freedom (Follingstad). Unlike physical or sexual abuse, where a single incident constitutes abuse, emotional abuse is made up of a series of incidents, or a pattern of behavior that occurs over time. Emotional abuse is more than just verbal insults, the most common definition of emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse is a series of repeated incidents – whether intentional or not – that insults, threatens isolates, degrades, humiliates, and/or controls another person (Munro). Emotional abuse occurs over time. It is a pattern of behavior rather than a one time incident. This can be done by threatening the victim with injury or harm, telling the victim that they will be killed if they ever leave the relationship, and public humiliation. Name-calling and making statements that damage the victim’s self-esteem are also common forms of emotional abuse.

People who are being emotionally abused often feel as if they do not own themselves; rather, they may feel that their significant other has nearly total control over them. Women who feel they can’t leave tend to fight back with deadly force. An individual can only take but so much; everybody has their breaking point. When that breaking point is reached, the person can go insane. Even women can go insane and kill their mentally abusive partner. Women are as dangerous as men if not more dangerous, because nobody expects women to kill. Surveys of married and dating couples find that women assault their male partners at about the same rate as men assault female partners. When assaults serious enough to cause death were examined, it was found that in contrast to the extreme rarity of homicide by women outside the family, women kill their male partners at a rate that approaches the rate at which men kill their female partners (Straus). ” However, Women are also less violent when they kill. For example In Roald Dahl’s “The Way Up to Heaven”, Mrs. Foster killed her husband by just leaving him stuck in the elevator.

She knew nobody was going to hear his cries for help since she was on vacation. She didn’t have any other way out of the marriage, so this was the only thing she could do to escape. I don’t think anyone should have to put up with what Mrs. Foster had to go through all those years. I have no problem with what Mrs. Foster did. When women kill for being emotionally abused, I think the judge should be lenient while sentencing. Another reason why battered woman kill their husbands is infidelity. Hearing that your cheating spouse is “in love” with someone else is devastating and disrespectful.

I believe if you want to cheat and are thinking about cheating, it’s best to get a divorce first, so no one gets emotionally hurt. Finding out your spouse is cheating is one of the most hurtful things anyone can experience, especially if you are deeply in love with that person. Once you find out your spouse is cheating, it’s hard to forgive, and if you try to reconcile the relationship, the relationship will never be the same. That’s why women just choose to end it all, an end up murdering their husbands. I know from experience, now it’s hard for me to trust any woman. Works Cited

Follingstad, D. ; DeHart (2000). “Defining psychological abuse of husbands towards wives: Contexts, behaviors, and typologies”. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 15: 720–745 Munro, Kali (2001). “Emotional Abuse: The Most Common Form of Abuse”. Web. . 7 Apr. 2011 Straus, Murray A. , and Durham. Family Research Lab. New Hampshire Univ. “Assaults By Wives on Husbands: Implications for Primary Prevention of Marital Violence. ” (1989): ERIC. EBSCO. Web. 7 Apr. 2011.

Essay About Battered Woman

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