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Basics of the Civil War Essay

The Civil War, which began in 1861, was fought for a variety of reasons. One reason would be the dispute between sides about the federal government. The two sides could not agree on what powers the states did and did not possess. A major issue in this was the dispute over slavery. Southern states believed it was their right to have slavery and that it wasn’t the federal government’s call. The north, on the other hand, saw it wrong and brutal. After being threatened by the government, the southern states began seceding from the nation so they could maintain the rights and powers they believed to be theirs.
There were several battles in the Civil War.Some of the major battles include Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg and the Siege of Vicksburg. At the battle of Bull Run, the North failed to take advantage of their position and defeat the South quickly. This battle could have ended the war if the North had won. At Antietam, the Union defeated General Lee’sfirst attempt to invade the North. The Vicksburg campaign gave the North control of the Mississippi River, which affected trade and the southern economy.Probably the most famous of all, the battle of Gettysburg defeated General Lee’s second invasion of the North.
There were many key leaders in the Civil War that played important roles in the outcome of the war. General Ulysses S. Grant was the leading general of the Union who led them to many great victories. He was in war once before and resigned due to a drinking problem and missing his wife and children. Grant eventually went on to be president after the war. General Robert E. Lee was the leading general of the Confederacy but was first asked to be the leading general of the Union, by Lincoln.He refused and returned home to support his people. General William T. Sherman was famous for his “March to the Sea” through the south to the east coast. He burned everything in his way including Atlanta and many other important cit…

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