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Baseball: Fighting on One Leg Essay

First let’s start and do a little back ground on our baseball program. Most programs around the country the coaches are pretty even and have a say in how things are run but WVU is very different. At the top of the food chain we have our head honcho, we’ll just call him King, who controls every aspect of the team. Nothing happens unless he says it does. King is a 50 year old, power loving, exhibitionist. Next we have second in command a vulgar gimp who is our pitching coach and my personal favorite coach. For the sake of keeping the theme going we will call him Knight. Because he has control of the players “peasants” but follows the commands of the King. Then we have our strength coach, executioner, a 5’5” muscle head with some serious short guy anger. We have other coaches but they are pretty irrelevant for this story. Now that we have payed a baseline for the characters let’s have a little fun.

Baseball is my absolute life so why not write about my most memorable game in college so far. Our first game of my freshman year was in South Carolina at Clemson University and I was flipped the ball to pitch against the number 21 team in the country. We showed up to the game about 3 hours early and my nerves were off the chart. I could barely sit still I the dugout. Knightwould come up to me every 10 minutes just to try to calm me down, but it wasn’t working. I was sweating buckets, so much so that I had to change undershirts before I even moved from the bench. What I thought was about time to warm up was actually hour and half before the game. Normally I warm up about 45 min early. Knight has never moved so fast out of the dugout to come chew me out. This 250 pound, 59 year old gimp ran out of the dugout like he was running from a rabid dog. When he finally got out to center field to completely destroy my confidence, he practically drug me off the field by my jersey. The words that he used to describe how much of an idiot I am ha…

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