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Effective Communication Paper Paper

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Paper type: Essay, Subject: Communication Barriers

Most people think communicating is easy, after all it is something we have done our entire lives. There is some truth in this view. Communicating should be straightforward; what makes it challenging, and frustrating are the barriers people put In the way. There are many obstacles affecting communication, however, this paper will concentrate on how emotions can create a barrier. Barrier Team C chose emotions as a barrier because emotions can create a barrier…

Id the immunization or receiver let their emotion get in the way of the communication; how you say something is as important as what you say, and the receiver needs to keep their emotions out of the intended message too. Most people have experienced communication barriers due to emotions. “People In negative moods are more likely to scrutinize messages In greater detail, whereas those in positive moods tend to accept communications at face value (Robbins & Judge, 2013, p. MM’. One example is in a restaurant setting if someone has a bad r a negative experience they are more likely to complain.

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Whereas someone who has a positive experience, they are not as likely to tell the manager they had a great experience. “Extreme emotions such as Jubilation or depression are most likely to hinder effective communication. In such Instances, we are most prone to disregard our rational and objective thinking processes and substitute emotional Judgments”

CITATION Robber 353 1033 (Robbins Judge, 2013, p. 353). The reason why people do not think or speak rationally when they experience Jubilation or depression s because they are two extreme emotions that people experience that affect them emotionally .

There are countless occasions where someone let emotions interfere with communication; here are a few real life examples. Real life examples A worker In a company’s call center communicates with clients Vela telephone. A majority of the calls taken Involve a customer In a high stress situation. The reason for the call is normally that the client is experiencing a problem with their service and wants the problem fixed. This customer is experiencing emotions such as anger, frustration, or confusion.

These emotions may cloud the message they are receiving from the customer service representative and can be misinterpreted. The misinterpretation of information may be perceived as an accusation that the problem Is the customer’s fault or that their business Is not appreciated. This emotional communication barrier could potentially lead to lost business because the emotional client switched service providers. Challenges Conclusion Communicating should be easy; after all, we do it on a daily basis.

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