Banquet Functions

There was a great deal of planning and because it was for a dinner and dance, planning was essential. In this respect, the cost of the dinner and dance was justifiable to meet financial objectives. The dinner and dance showed a well planned table arrangement which creates space between tables and makes the banquet room look spacious after 100 people have been seated. The details of the dinner and dance were emphasized by the decor and atmosphere of the place, creating an ambience of sophistication and giving a touch of exquisite class.

ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF BANQUET MANAGER. 1. Review all written communication, i. e. , resumes, daily/weekly, Banquet Event Orders to determine appropriate staffing levels, room/station assignments, buffet decor and enhancements as they relate to banquets and meeting room set-ups. •2. Communicate all changes within the Banquet Department and make adjustments according to the above items. 3. Communicate information to the kitchen and other supportive departments prior to and during events. 4.

Maintain a strong client relationship and ensuring that all convention Specifications are communicated to and executed by all hotel operating departments making for a successful meeting experience for the meeting planner and attendees.

5. Maintain constant communication with the Convention Service/Catering Sales Manager as it applies to the client at hand. 6. Responsible for the appropriate and timely set up of all functions and meetings while maintaining standards of food, beverage and meeting specifications. 7.

Communicate all daily activities, in person or by log, to the other banquet personnel (set up) to ensure smooth transition and follow-up from one function to another.

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8. Develop and maintain all policies, procedures and quality standards within the department, utilizing a continuous improvement approach to ensure a high quality, cost effective and customer focused operation. 9. Develop and implement a training plan to ensure a high quality presentation and level of customer service within the banquet service/function/set up service staffs. 0. Manage, in conjunction with the Restaurant Manager, the inventory, control and breakage/loss. 11. Give daily support and guidance to fellow banquet personnel as well as monitor job performance to ensure a successful meeting/banquet experience by our guests. 12. Conduct all staff performance appraisals. 13. Maintain a high level of service by constantly training and coaching all direct reports and staff. 14. Inspect and oversee the cleanliness and maintenance of all function space, public areas, and service areas on all banquet levels. 5. Coordinate with Housekeeping and Engineering to ensure the highest level of product delivery. Duties and responsibilities vary from one position to another but, in general, banquet managers: 1. Discuss requirements with customers and take detailed notes about banquet requirements. . 2. Develop banquet menus in consultation with caterers, chefs or cooks prepare budgets. 3. Determine requirements for serving staff and supplies. 4. Supervise everything from the set up prior to the function to the clean up afterward. 5.

Thesis About Table Skirting

Develop work schedules and supervise food services during the function. n 6. Maintain proper liquor controls and monitor alcohol service. 7. Ensure that equipment is properly cleaned and maintained. 8. Follow up with clients after functions and deal with customer complaints Hire, train and supervise staff to ensure that service standards are met. 9. In smaller organizations, banquet managers may assist staff with functions such as setting up the room. Category of ExpensesCost for each individual / ItemsTotal Cost Salary of staff members : Waiters $ 5 per hr for 7 ? hrs = $37. 50$ 300 2 Chefs 2 Asst chefs$ 15 per hr for 7 ? hrs = $112. 50 $ 10 per hr for 7 ? hrs = $75$ 375 2 Receptionist$ 5 per hr for 7 hrs = $ 35$ 70 1 Security Guard$ 4 per hr for 8 hrs = $ 32 $ 32 1 MC / DJ$ 150$ 150 1 Photographer$ 5 per hr for 7 hrs = $ 35$ 35 1 Videographer$ 5 per hr for 7 hrs = $ 35$ 35 3 Cleaners$ 2. 50 per hr for 9 hrs = $ 22. 50$ 67. 50 2 Dishwashers$ 3 per hr for 5 ? hrs = $ 16. 50$ 49. 50 3 Movers$ 15 for 2 hrs$ 45 Crowd controllers$ 4 per hr for 7 hrs = $ 28$ 56 Sub Total : $1215 Category of ExpensesCost of ItemsTotal Cost Food and beverage : Finger food$ 100$ 100 Main course$ 300 $ 300 Drinks $ 120$ 120 Deserts $ 70$ 70 Cost of equipments : Rent of tables / chairs and buffet tables$ 70$ 70 Rent of music system / microphones / speakers / lighting / smoke machine$ 150$ 150 Miscellaneous items : Decor, napkins, table skirting, disposable cutlery, cost of transportation, equipments for games etc $200$200

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Banquet Functions
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