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Attitudes and Married Life in the Nineteenth Hundreds Essay

Describe married life and attitudes towards children in Chapter nineteen.
A family is and always will be important to almost all cultures. A family is where people can find love, comfort, and support in most cases. All through time everyone has always had families, just not necessarily the same type. In Europe, before the Industrial Revolution, families lived as extended families like many parts of the world still do today. An extended family is when a newly married couple does not find a place of their own; they just live together with either the bride or groom's family. The only difference was in Europe usually the parents would move in with the newly weds. Many times this happened but also they had what is normal to us, the nuclear family. This is the family where newly weds start off on their own and start a family of their own away from their parents. By the 1700s extended families were not found in western and central Europe. Not many people married young during this time. The average person actually married late. People would enter adulthood!
and start working before they thought about marrying. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century twenty-seven was recorded as an average age for people getting married in one English village. Late marriage and a nuclear family defined the ways of living in European society during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
The reasoning for late marriage in Europe was that people felt like getting a job and being able to support a family came before starting a family. Land was the greatest source of income during this time so the men would often wait until their father died and they inherited land before they would marry. If the men had land they felt they could then support a family. The land would provide a place to live and money from its harvest. The women on the other hand would also wait to inherit a small dowry from their deceased parents to help their fiancé buy l…

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