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Atomic Bomb Essay

On August 6, 1945 the atomic bomb was dropped on the
Japanese city of Hiroshima.(Source 1) The Enola Gay, piloted by
Colonel Tibbetts, was chosen to make the mission. The mission was
recorded as successful by Capt. William S. Parson at 9:20 A.M.(Source 1)
This was an extremely controversial military strategy in the United
States.(Source 2) Was the United States justified in the dropping of the
atomic bomb?.(Source 2)Yes, they were justified for many reasons.
The primary reason was, that it would stop the war.this war was
needed to be stopped very badly.(Source 2)Even though in
some ways it was helping our economy, it was very costly in both
money and lives. Also, the United States soldiers were undergoing harsh
treatment by the unmerciful Japanese. (Source 1)Another reason the
war needed to be stopped was to defend ourselves from another
attack on U.S. soil, which in turn would kill many of our U.S. citizens. This is
why the war needed to be stopped; thus, justifying the use of the
atomic bomb. (Source 1)World War II was the costliest war in history, in
terms of lives lost. No exact figures exist, but approximately between 15
and 20 million military personnel were killed. Of these, 292,000 were
Americans and 6,000 innocent United States citizens were murdered
by our enemies.(Source 2)It has been estimated that if the United
States had not dropped the bomb and had invaded Japan instead, the
United States would have lost about a million soldiers.(Source 2)The
Japanese suicidal fighting strategies greatly effected this number.
The Japanese would rather die than surrender. (Source 1) This is
demonstrated by the battle of Saipan. At this battle over half of the
population of Saipan walked off a cliff instead of surrendering to the
United States. This was often very effective.(Kappler P. 51) Many times

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