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Atmospheric Issues. Air pollution Paper

Essay Topic:

Earth is everybody’s home and nobody likes to live in a dirty home. Of all the changes swirling among us, those that affect the natural environment seems to hold the most serious implication for human life. From a long period of time, people have been polluting the earth surface, but because of earth’s own ability to absorb and purify minor quantities of pollutants, the problem has been minimal. It is significant to note that air pollution could be found in some residential and commercial buildings.

It causes poor ventilation and pacific sources such as copy machines, electrical and telephone cables, carpets etc. It has been found that air in some office buildings is hundred times more polluted that the air outside. In many occupations however people become aware of the risk only years after they worked at jobs that they thought were safe. There is no such thing as a perfect world, and our world is proof to that statement. As we all know climate change has become a real problem, the ozone layer is depleting and we still contribute a great deal to its depletion.

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Some industries would disregard the environment just or money and power, and through their processes they produce a whole lot of carbon emission. Carbon emission refers to the carbon dioxide emitted into the environment. These carbon emissions are also known as greenhouse gases. In most industries monitoring of carbons emission is not given that much attention although controlling carbon emission is crucial to protect the environment, it will decrease greenhouse gases, is beneficial to the company in managing their resources optimally, and aids in adapting to the going green trend.

Many people think of pollution as the air that we breathe outdoors. Not everyone realizes that the air we breathe indoors is much more polluted. There are pollutants in the atmosphere that have reached a level that is causing a threat to the health of individuals. Pollution began in the early times from the gases of molten volcanic activity being released into the atmosphere. Additional pollutants were caused by the combustion of biomass, balkanization of organic compounds, and the release of bio-effluents from living organisms. Pollutants can be caused by the natural movements and actions of the planet itself.

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