Atlas Company Analysis

Will improve safety for the organization Will improve reporting system Project will boost company’s public image and reputation Time delays Hacker threats STRENGTHS 1 . Management Support The management of ATLAS provide full support to implement SAP to achieve their vision as to be a leader in maritime education and training, while its mission was to facilitate value added learning via a conducive environment and provide excellent services to its clients. The use of SAP system seems would benefit the whole group of company with its integration features in SAP system.

. Financial Support The Group company are willing to provide funding for SAP implementation in ATLAS. Only small portion of the expenses in capital expenditure (RMI 1, 188,841) would be borne by ATLAS internal fund and the remaining would be financed by PETER group. 3. Strong Leadership of ATLAS ATLAS have strong composition of leaders. Dedicated managers and executives such as Skilful, Lime, Kamala, Sans & Copal. All of them have their own expertise, skills and invaluable experience which their contribution to ATLAS could build and enhance the organization reputation.

WEAKNESSES 1. Project is very complex The complexities of large projects require that special attention be given in planning the project, developing and delivering the solution, selecting team members, and sustaining a high-performing team over the long haul. Complex project may requires time, energy and resources to be allocated from the organization. 2. High implementation cost ATLAS management believed that implementing SAP is involved unique risk and challenges.

Main challenges are the high implementation cost especially for the initial investment that would need financial resources to flow out of the organization.

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3. Staff Resistance Rapid changes in organization, working culture and environment would cause the existing staff resist for the change since they are now in their comfort zone. 4. Technological constraints The department doesn’t have enough PC’s to implement the system of SAP and some of the staff has never used a PC before OPPORTUNITIES 1. Project may improve local economy With the implementation of SAP, AT LAM could have growth in its industry.


When ATLAS become a leading maritime industry, lot of people would come attending courses in AT LAM and indirectly the crowded incoming course artificial at ATLAS would improve the local area economy and business trading. 2. Will improve safety for the organization and crucial data Most successful organizations know to do certain things to ensure an engaged ant productive workforce, but many are inconsistent and are not purposeful in their efforts to create this type of atmosphere. ATLAS introduces SAP systems can help company achieve improved safety for its organization and crucial data. . Will improve reporting system SAP will provide ATLAS prevarication, the focus is moving no longer towards reporting on expenses but more of reporting on profit and loss. This will improve reporting system at ATLAS and be able to better integrate AT LAM operational data, and access that data quicker, and that’s good for decision making. 4. Project will boost company’s public image and reputation Using an established well-known accounting system would enhance the efficiency and effectiveness in the organization reporting.

Comprehensive AR accuracy of organization reporting would boost its public image and reputation. THREATS. 1. Time delays AT LAM have only two month which started 1 April 2002 to Start a new system that could be a problem to the company. Complexity of the project plus with the organization weaknesses might causes time delay and extension of time in implementation of SAP system. 2. Hacker threats People, not computers, create computer threats. Computer predators victimize others for their own gain.

Give a predator access to the Internet and to your PC and the threat they pose to your security increases exponentially. Computer hackers are unauthorized users who break into computer systems in order to steal, change or destroy information, often by installing dangerous mallard without your knowledge or consent. Their clever tactics and detailed chemical knowledge help them access information you really don’t want them to have. Since ATLAS staff have poor knowledge in IT and computer expertise, their crucial data might be compromised by unauthorized access for information stealing or sabotage.

FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS ATLAS is considering implementing SAP for their new system. In order to determine whether is it feasible for ATLAS to proceed with the SAP implementation project, We have study on economic feasibility of the proposed plan. Then only we could make decision whether to proceed or not to proceed with the project. Economic feasibility is to study on the cost factor f propose plan. In ATLAS, the purpose to assessing economic feasibility is to identify financial benefits and cost that associated with the implementing SAP.

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