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Athletes Risking Health for Victory Essay

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Athletes all across the world train their entire lives in order to be elite in their respective sport. Soccer players, sprinters, weight lifters and everyone in between are required to push their bodies to the limit in order to attain‘superhuman’ capabilities. Growing up, kids often show interest in a particular sport. They dream of one day hitting a home run in the bottom of the ninth to win the world series or to score the golden goal during the overtime period just like Sidney Crosby in 2010 at the Winter Olympics (Canadian Olympians. 2015).

Unfortunately, only the boys and girls that possess the most relentless ambition to keep striving towards getting better make it to the major leagues (Macintosh, D. 1989. THE HIGH COST OF WINNING). This phenomenon is often referred to as having ‘the heart’ to persevere despite being overlooked. Throughout their lives, athletes sacrifice their time as well as their bodies. Athletes risking their health is a social health problem which has many social implications that can be proven by examining the mental, physical and physiological aspects of their lives. These implications are often the reasons as to why so most kids give up on recreational sports before high school. Many kids lose their love for a sport because it becomes too competitive for them. Leagues often take the fun out of the game and put too much emphasis on winning which can prove to be very psychologically challenging as it causes a child to reconsider why they started to play the sport in the first place (Macintosh, D. 1989. THE HIGH COST OF WINNING).

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Individuals who decide to pursue a career as a professional athlete set high expectations for themselves. These, sometimes unrealistic expectations, cause the person to sacrifice a lot of their time on training instead of indulging in pleasurable activities as they know that these activities will only slow their progress. This commitment to the sport often requires indivi…

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