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Athletes and Self-Destructive Behavior Essay

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When athletes have break downs or act out, most won’t ever be reminded of them by their incredible skill, most would only ever remember them by their behaviour. Athletes who act out in a disrespectful behaviour are often acting on self-destructive behaviour. Self-destructive behaviour comes in many forms; mild to extreme. Mild being self-pity and extreme being alcohol/drug abuse; never the less, they are both negative behaviours. The causes though are not as black and white as they seem. Most may believe that when an athlete losses an important game and they act out; the athlete is just being a drama queen or is justifiable because they care deeply about the sport they play. That may not be the case for every athlete.

For most, there are different causes when it comes to acting out in athletes; some being internal and external. Internal causes may include forced into being role models to young people/supporters, high expectations set out by themselves or parents/coaches, and living up the brand that sponsors them. In some cases, athletes do not become athletes to be role models to young people, some may just want to make it big. By being expected to be a role model, people are not giving them the choice to make mistakes; the athletes would have a direct influence to the people who look up to them. If a young person see’s their hero make mistakes and act out, they may too, act out, because someone superior, that they look up to, is doing it too. Secondly, high expectations could possibly be one of the top reasons for self-destructive behaviour. Most athletes constantly set high standards and high expectations, therefore, when those expectations are not met, they act out or begin to degrade themselves. Lastly, in more cases than one, brands like Nike or ADIDAS will sponsor athletes or whole teams so that they wear the logo on their jersey. With that in mind, brands will not want to sponsor an athlete if they act out or have a break …

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