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Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED) Paper

As we all know, performing enhancing drugs (PED’s) is something very common in the world of sports. The argument on whether athletes should be allowed to take them or not has been going on for a long time. Athletes who are taking PED’s are cheating themselves and those around them. Athletes who are caught should be penalized. It is not fair to those who are trying to be fair and do things the right way. Not only is it cheating, but PED’s also harm the human body. Most athletes who caught taking PED’s ruin their reputation. What is the point of making the athlete a bad person because he or she wanted to do something that is not right. In no way, shape, or form should athletes be allowed to take PEDs. Athletes have to be loyal to the sport they play. If most athletes can be loyal, why can’t others do it.

Athletes who take PEDs are cheating. When athletes use PED’s they have the advantage of many things. For example, athletes have the advantage of doing better when playing their sport or when they are against their opponent. This is a disadvantage to the athletes that do not consume PEDs. Let’s say that two athletes are going against each other; one is taking PEDs and the other one is not. Which athlete will perform better? It will most likely be the athlete consuming PEDs. This would be because the PEDs are anabolic and makes the athlete stronger and more energetic. An athlete on PED’s is obviously going to be much quicker than the one that is not consuming any illegal substances.

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Athletes are ruining their bodies as they consume PEDs. Yeah PED’s do make you stronger and make the athlete’s body look good, but with all that good comes a lot whole of bad. PED’s destroy the human body. It causes athletes testis to shrink, it causes liver problems, heart problems, and also causes high blood pressure. Some of these problems might not come right away, but they do appear on the long term. Athletes don’t just ruin…

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