Asthma essay

In this paper, the three articles on asthma were gathered from three different websites namely the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute –National Institutes of Health (, and finally The topic of main concern from these three articles was the definition and the causes of asthma. Asthma in definition is a chronic, meaning long-term, lung disease that causes the bronchial airways to inflame and narrow, thus making it hard for the patient to breathe, wheezing, and tightening of the chest and others.

Also, asthma is a fairly common disease for all ages all around the world but would mostly appear from childhood and up to adulthood. Depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment can be as basic as medication to altering completely the lifestyle and environment to accommodate the said disease. The exact cause of asthma is still not clear – it can be a mixture of the environment and genetic characteristics of the person that enables it to appear in the young individual.

But it is known that every asthma attack could be very dangerous to the health of the individual especially when he lacks medical guidance and supervision with regards to his condition. In present, there are no clear-cut solutions or cure for Asthma, but nevertheless, new technologies help enables an asthmatic patient to attain the most normal life possible, as reiterating the fact that there is no known cure, just by helping “manage” the disease. But then again, those millions affected by asthma all around the world struggle to maintain a normal lifestyle especially knowing that an asthmatic attack could happen any moment.

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            The brief summary was created from the account of the three article sources. Although there were very minor differences to the information of the sources, it can be mostly attributed to the use of words of the authors, and can essentially be disregarded. The information given by the sources does not have conclusive disagreements, their thought and facts were the same in essence. In my opinion, these websites provides knowledge of asthma in different levels of technicality. In my own classification, the information given by is more technical by choice within the three sources. It provided more in-depth and medically relevant facts compared with the two other sources. But the NHLBI website, on the other hand, provided more average explanation than the two, thus making it the most reader-friendly article. It provided the most simplest of the explanation even offering a photographic inset of what happens during an asthma attack. Finally, the was in between the Wikipedia and NHLBI articles as it provided a longer explanation and a wide scope of the topic. I also commend the use of figures and statistics by all of the three to put the topic even more closely to run-of-the-mill explanation. However, with regards to the validity of their shared information, was at the bottom. Wikipedia is known as a website free for anyone to edit, making its accuracy of claims become a spot-on not 100% reliable. The two other sources were more reliable as to the fact that their authors and editors are licensed professionals, doctors and in the case of the NHLBI, are government employees.

            Nevertheless, all the information given by all three articles could be very helpful depending on the degree of knowledge of the individual. The articles, especially the one by NHLBI, provided simple yet effective means of understanding more a common health issue that affects millions of individuals all over the world. The use of information dissemination is essential in helping every affected individual to fully understand disease that is Asthma. With the proper use of articles that are highly reliable and factual, anyone with health concern as asthma could be shared with advantageous information that could be very beneficial to the person’s health.


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