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Assisted suicide for terminally ill pat Essay

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Being able to choose when to die Is a human right. This exact point is presented In the article “Perhaps I’ll say goodbye on Twitter”. According to Tony Nicholson, who Is a 58 year old, patient who has been able to move only his eyelids since suffering a stroke In 2005, It Is the most fundamental human right. He told the Journalist and former nurse Nina Alaskan, that: “he was simply seeking the same right to die that able-bodied people were able to exercise independently”.

However, if he is provided his right, it would be a change of law as Alison Pearson claims, in the article “Do any of us, however ill, have the right to die? ‘ She believes in the exact opposite. She is oppose assisted suicide, and her article is kind of a response to the argumentation’s of Tony Nicholson. She starts out her article by explaining how only a complete idiot would put cancer on their top of their whist’s: “Other than that you would have to be seriously warped, mad even, to choose a brutal, life-threatening illness.

Yet Tony Nicholson says he wants to get cancer. Cancer Is Tony’s best hope”. If Tony cannot be offered the opportunity to commit assisted seclude, he would rather die by the hand of cancer, because Tony Anklebone’s only desire Is to leave this world of suffering. Alison Pearson Is contradicting Tony Nicholson by saying that It is wrong to give doctors the right to kill patients, and on the other hand, she devises other alternatives to die.

For example she brings up the fact, tattoo could just refuse medical treatment, as it is legal, and she further explains that: “l certainly plan to have one of those handy when I’m old and at the mercy of our marvelous “care” yester”, explaining that she might use this method herself without having to change the law. 2. In the article “l would help a relative on the final Journey”, Vicki Woods has a powerful way to express her views on assisted suicide, by using her own personal experiences. By appealing to our sense, she provides a logos-marked argumentation.

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Her mall view on assisted suicide Is “I’d help my blood family to assisted seclude rather than cart them off to Dignities via Asset and a bus trip”. She supports her view by another argumentation, where she substantiate her main argumentation by eying ‘We need a better form of assisted suicide than hauling very sick people off to Switzerland”. A very meaningful argumentation, in which she describes how it is wrong to force very sick people that will suffer more to travel to Switzerland, than staying home and letting the nature take its course.

However, she is only willing to help a member of her own family, as she claims that she cannot carry the responsibility for a friend, as it can get her in conflict with the patient’s own family. It is not her right to choose whether the family need a member less or not. By using her win experiences, she does not only appeal to our sense, but also to our feelings. Our feelings are our major weaknesses, and Black Woods Is fully aware of that, as she tries to reach everyone, by saying “l wasn’t shocked that thoughts of assisted seclude had floated into her mind”, while referring to her close friend.

And further she says, “Because It moats Into my mina every time tenure’s another enraptured landmark legal battle trumpeting through the newspaper”. She gives us a bigger perspective, so that we can relate to what she has to say, by referring to a whole country. We can identify tit her experiences as we all have heard at least once about people suffering from diseases. Her experience gives her a further knowledge about this issue, which provides her the opportunity to use ethos as a method to appeal to our respect for her. . As it is presented in the article “Do any of us, however ill, have the right to die? “, by Allison Pearson, there is no terms of illness that provide the right to die. “None of us would want to be shut up in the prison of ourselves with only a blinking eyelid to communicate with the world”, Alison Pearson expresses. However, she still claims, hat it is wrong to change the law of the land, because of one person’s desire.

I agree with her, in every argumentation she expresses, because she has a way to convince people, that what Tony Nicholson desire is a change of law, and a complete change of nature. A change that will give doctors the right to kill a “profoundly disable person”, and call it mercy not murder, as Alison Pearson states it so precisely. In such terms, it should be absolutely in emergency situations, that a terminally ill patient can seek assisted suicide, thought I am not saying it should be legal in Britain.

All I m trying to say, is that it is okay, in such cases, to fly to Switzerland to fulfill your desire, because a change of law would provide everyone, no matter terms of illness to seek assisted suicide. However, it is a personal right when you choose to die, but in some cases, it is a very dangerous right, because some patients are not able to decide at all. In these situations, it is the family’s Job to decide, whether the patient is ill enough to accomplish this opportunity or not. This responsibility can be used in a malicious way, as the family can abuse this right to their own utility, like inheritance.

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