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The Topic of my research paper is How to Start Your Own Assisted Living Business. I choose this topic because I have some experience in the health care field. I am a certified Medical Assistant and I wanted to take my education to the next level. The Health care job market is on high demand and is one of today’s most dynamic fields with a wide range of opportunities.

I came to realize that the older you get in this country options for housing, health and personal care services become limited.

This information of choice fits in with my personal interest because I am very sympathetic, affectionate, and eager to soothe hurt feelings, and not to mention my leadership skills have always been great. An assisted living facility business takes hard work and dedication.

In order for me to start my own Assisted Living business I would have to first obtain a specialized license in assisted living business. I must attend a required orientation by the licensing agency in the state where I would like to start my business. The Licensing Representatives will provide specific requirements about the licensing upon meeting with them.

Assisted Living Research

They determine the number of residents allowed according to the size of the facility. The facility inspection process and the amount of operating expenses are required before launching the business.

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I’ll expect to pay a lot of money in startup fees for technology that will assist with scheduling, bookkeeping, management software, care schedules, etc. I’ll need the right technology to manage cash flow. If the assisted living business is going to be a small five to fifteen unit ill may be able to finance if by using money saved up to plan a large facility it will cost millions.

Having equity partners will be an excellent asset because the bank might not lend enough money that’s going to be need. In order for them to determine if they will give a loan or not, they will have to examine the business plan and model. Depending on what state decided to open the facility there may be grants available if you provide living areas for low income seniors. These costs involve the purchase of land, building or remodeling, hiring, licensing, amenities, and many other things. You have to first obtain an operating license required by the state.

Once again each state is different depending on where you want to open your business. You would have to go to your local States Health Licensing board to determine what you need. This process involves inspections and interviews and goes beyond the requirements for the average business. There’s also a three hour training course on Alzheimer’s disease or any related disorders such as behavior management, assistance with activities of daily life, activities for residents, stress management for the care giver, family issues, residential environmental and ethical issues.

Assisted Living Homes are designed to provide residents with basic everyday assistance. An important aspect is that assisted care facilities provide a safe and comfortable environment for older adults who need assistance with duties such as bathing, dressing, shopping, cooking, grooming, arranging doctor’s appointments, medication administration and laundry services. These facilities have social and recreational activity programs designed to keep the residents active. The recreation groups provide residents with activities for enjoyment, exercise, and interactions with others to build character.

Special activities such as luncheon, birthday parties, game night, religious ceremonies, holiday parties, movie night, pet therapy, and gardening helps to improve the residence cognitive and physical behavior. There may be a rehabilitation center. Each rehabilitation care plan is designed for special needs, including physical, occupational, speech, and language therapies. The unique thing about assisted living is the ability to provide residents with not only healthcare but also many programs that can meet there individual needs.

Unlike nursing homes, residents in assisted living remain in an independent living, in a residential setting. Not all residents of assisted living facilities need care or assistance. Many are there because they enjoy the company of other people there age, or they want a lifestyle without the worry of maintaining a home. The majority of people entering an assisted living facility are on medication. It is important to know the polices for giving medication as well as any medical emergency that may arise. Caregivers are needed to be there to arrange treatments from a physical or occupational therapist for residents‘.

If residents don’t need treatment when they first arrive at the facility they may need it later. You have to stay on each resident and build a mutual relationship with them so that you know who needs treatments and who don’t. When choosing residencies, it’s also needed to have to a detailed list of the type of assistance that will be required with each activity for your residence. You need to organize your office so that you know how quickly a staff member can be available to assist the residents. For example if one of your residents need assistance getting dressed, which one of the staff will be there to assist.

With having the list of who needs assistance and who doesn’t it will help your organization to run smother. If you decided to have a small facility with three to ten people, or up to several hundred seniors varies on the care needed. The small facilities with three to ten beds typically are not allowed to offer much care beyond bathing, dressing, providing meals and helping residents move around. These facilities however may do a contract with home health agencies, home visiting doctors or nurses to provide care if needed to their residents. Some assisted living facilities also specialize in the care of Alzheimer’s patients.

An Alzheimer patient sometimes does not require a lot of medical attention but often require supervision and confinement. If the assisted living facility accepts Alzheimer’s patients then they should have locked entrance doors to prevent the resident from wandering. The cost to stay in an assisted living home is like paying rent with advantage of having someone to cater to you. Residents pay a regular monthly rent which includes meals, housekeeping and care services as needed. Some facilities provide levels of care based on need and charges. The prices can range from $400, $800 up to$ 2,400 a month.

The cost to stay in an assisted care facility varies, depending on how much that individual can afford. People with money or rich kids that pay for their elder to stay in an assisted home or facilities that have the setting of a high rise condo may pay up to 1,000 to 2,400 a month for care. If individuals use Medicaid, the Medicaid company only pays for care cost not the room and boarding. Most assisted living residents are able to pay their rent through personal funds or family assistance. Insurance only covers about 2% of stay cost which is not much at all.

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