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Assignment brief Essay

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Structure and Organization of the Retail Sector Betty wants you to produce a Powering presentation for the Magazine introducing different tillers together with the many ways and places in which retailing is conducted. Where possible note any changes that have taken place In any particular sector e. G. Closures and the reasons for this. 1. Definition of retailing. 2. Describe in your town centre the different sectors of the retail industry that exist and their specific role within the community. . Discuss the different types of retailer and location Include the following Independent Multiple chains Supermarkets Department Stores Public Place Not for pronto Discount stores Catalogue stores Tell shopping Internet retail parks shopping entrees Factory outlet centers social network shopping. Regional shopping centers retail parks and shopping centers. 4. Find data to show the size, trends, changes, developments and employment characteristics of the retail industry. 5.

Explain how retailing has changed over the last 40 years TTL Task 1 Merit The Editor of Retail Today is delighted with your findings and presentation. She now wants you to extend the PPTP comparing the function of different retailers and the rationale for the choice of their location. You must feature two case studies: EGG Tests and Marks and Spencer . Describe with an example the location choices retailers have available for the placement of their premises. 2.

State the rationale, function and retail benefits behind retailer’s choices of these locations? 3. Describe their activities, products and services and how they have changed examining at least four different formats and locations for their retail outlets, number of employees, sales area, number of enterprises, turnover Ana product strategies. 4. Identify why these retailers prefer different locations and explain the retail functions they perform ND if they have used new development or re-development sites. . What do you think will be the future formats and locations of these two businesses MI Assessment criteria: Pass 1 – describe the structure and organization of the retail sector Merit 1 – compare the function of formats and locations of retailing Featheriness High school AS 2014/2015 1/5 BITE National Diploma in Business Unit 29 – Understanding Retailing Scenario The Editor wants to send you out on location to investigate the role of retailing in the distribution of goods and services.

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The Editor has promised a large financial bonus as a large national newspaper is interested in the latest trends and findings about distribution and logistics. The Editor has promised a large financial bonus as a large national newspaper is interested in the latest trends and findings about distribution and logistics. Task 2 With reference to different types of retailers from different sectors you can use (Amazon and Sad) describe their distribution channels and processes 1.

Distribution Channels: Availability AT products (tale, place, quantity movement of goods from manufacturer to retailer to consumer Wholesalers as intermediaries Retail control of the supply chain (own brands, e-retailing) Provision of product enhancing functions e. G. Transport, storage, after-sales service 2.

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