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Essay Examples on Assignment Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Assignment

General Education (2014-2015, First semester)

Assignment 4

You are required to write a brief summary from the Journal article written by Dry. Steven Chunk Fun

Hung: “Civic education policy of the Hong Kong Special administrative Region: A historical and comparative analysis with theories of the state”.

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Assignment Assignment Assignment

Please identity the main ideas of the article, perspectives adopted, methodology of the research conducted, and the arguments raised out from the article. You can make use the reading and analysis skills learned from the previous lecture and tutorials to write up this summary. Don’t Just summarize the abstract: You have to write in your own words. The summary should be within 500 words, and handed in by Week 10 tutorial.

2nd Essay Sample on Assignment

There are three types of examples that are used by writers as a way of adding details to paragraphs.  These three types are referred to as other examples, description, and narration.  The first type, other examples, supports primary examples by offering a further explanation.  Questions or hypothetical examples are sometimes used to help the reader to understand the point.  This helps the reader to take the time to explore the example further by asking questions or to visualize it in a different perspective, allowing him or her to draw his or her own conclusion.  By using this technique, the reader has an opportunity to take part in the story by applying his or her own personal experiences to those of the author’s.  The second type of examples, descriptive examples, add sensory perception to the point that the writer is trying to make, making it more viable through the reader’s sense of sight, smell, and even emotion.  This often makes the point more real to the reader than a series of black and white words merely forming a sentence.  The final type of example is narrative example.  Narrative examples offer persona accounts of points trying to be made.  They enhance the example by providing first hand knowledge of what is being written about, making the story more believable and real.

Essay Examples on Assignment

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