Assess individual in health care

UNIT 18 1. 1 Compare and contrast the range and purpose of different forms of assessment. Prior to moving into an organisation all individuals are assessed as are the care providers to ensure that placements can meet and preferences of the individuals. The organisation conducts independent assessments by a qualified key member of the team to assess the needs and preferences of the individual to ensure that the organisation have the facilities and resources to cater for them. The key areas for assessments for needs and preferences would be:

•EMOTIONAL •PHYSICAL •SOCIAL •LEISURE Key professionals then hold a Care Planning Assessment (CPA) meeting along the individual to discuss the outcomes of assessments.

Active support is provided holistically within a role package for all individuals for all aspects of living. This is implemented through means of care plans and structured weekly planners. Before an individual is identified as needing specialist care and support, they must undergo a series of assessments. These assessments may not diagnose a learning disability, but they do decide whether the individual will receive social care.

This explains the types of assessment an individual may undergo, including: – Official process or corporate screening procedures – Clinical assessments – Behavioural assessments – Holistic assessments – Person Centred Planning (PCP) – Comprehensive assessments and care plans Prev Page Next Page View as single page Search TOPICS IN THIS DOCUMENT Assessment, Health care, Healthcare, Management, Nursing care plan, Risk, Risk assessment, Risk management RELATED DOCUMENTS Health care …?

Name: ID: Module: Developing Counselling Skills in Health and Social Care Contents Introduction In any health and social care setting, employees at all levels will be required to listen to patients, clients, their friends and relatives expressing their views, concerns and emotions.

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5988 Words | 3 Pages READ FULL DOCUMENT Assess the Individual in a Health and Social Care Setting … Unit 518 Assess the individual in a health and social care setting Compare and contrast the range and purpose of different forms of assessment The assessment process is the back bone to any package of care and it is vital that it is personal and appropriate to the individual concerned. Although studies have found that there is no singular theory or understanding as to what the purpose of assessment… 5988 Words | 2 Pages READ FULL DOCUMENT

Assess The Individual In A Health And Social Care Setting …? Assess the individual in a health and social care setting 1. Understand assessment processes 1. 1 Compare and contrast the range and purpose of different forms of assessment There are many forms I use to assess an individual’s needs. The first bit of the information comes from Derby City Council, which is called a outcome based support assessment. This is what they use to identify someone’s needs and how much… 5988 Words | 4 Pages READ FULL DOCUMENT health and social care …?

CU1532 promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings 1. 1Diversity: Diversity is where no two people are the same, we all have characteristics that make us unique: age, culture; disability (mental, learning, physical), education, ethnicity, gender, language(s) spoken, marital/partnered status, physical appearance, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation. Equality: Equality mean no matter how different we are… 5988 Words | 3 Pages READ FULL DOCUMENT P3 health and social care … trends of health and ill health among different social groupings.

I will talk about each pattern and trend in its own paragraph, Social class, Gender, Ethnicity, Age and Geographical location. I will talk about the links between these to health issues. I will back these up through the use of evidence such as statistics. I will then conclude what I have found out. Firstly I will talk about each pattern and trend. Social Class Social class helps to… 5988 Words

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