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Artifact Essay on Computers Essay

Essay Topic:

Digitally Sound

Over the past few years, the computer has become a mainstay in every house hold that can afford one. Even those reading this, most of you have either a personal computer (PC) or laptop at your disposal. Computers have a large impact on the lives of its owners. Whether you have an essay to write for class, games to play for friends, or anything else, a computer has been there for you. Regardless of brand, a computer is an asset highly integrated into our culture and impacts personal success. Computers now have created their own culture and continue to influence many people. Passing up on the convenience that a computer offers would not be smart. The computer acts as a gateway to an endless sea of knowledge that would be under your command. Those who spend their time video gaming tend to personally build their own computers so they can play their games at maximum quality, or those in big businesses may buy multiple laptops for personal and work related issues. No matter the reason for owning one, computers become a necessary part of someone’s life in one way or another.

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Booting it Up

Computers were never originally intended for the things that they do now. “By 1880, the U.S. population had grown so large that it took more than seven years to tabulate the U.S Census results. The government sought a faster way to get the job done, giving rise to punch-card based computers that took up entire room.” (Science). Now, our smart phones carry much more processing power than any early computer would have ever dreamed of. The computer would borrow designs from earlier inventions, for example, in 1801 in France, “Joseph Marie Jacquard invents a loom that uses punched wooden cards to automatically weave fabric designs. Early computers would use similar punch cards” (Science). The first “computer” designs did not come until the 1820’s when an English Mathematician by the name of Charles Babbage made a machine that w…

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