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Article For Critique Paper Essay

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Paper type: Article , Subject: Economics

Methods Using other published articles as reference, a comparison of the public policies in Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada were compared to ) explain diversity among countries and the policies for managing ageing work forces, 2) to show applicable remedies to convince firms to keep older workers. Evidence of Thesis Support The author offered a comprehensive approach to the trends and illustrated the connection between the company practices and these trends, even if not always equally thorough.

Despite the strength in making those comparisons, the author did not reach his full potential, while the diversity was presented In the studies, the results were loss because the articles were cited In one mall paragraph so there was o connection between and country and where the information was derived. The supporting evidence was confusing and ambiguous, in an overview of employment/ unemployment policies towards older workers the similarities and differences between countries needed to be clearly identified.

The remedies were equally limited, an adjustment to the procedures for assigning employees to Jobs and motivating workers was one of the remedies, however those procedures were not illustrate In the article. Further, the public policy that the author advocates as having little success has not been identified. To get insight and gain a better understanding one would have to read all the individual articles on which this one was formed Contribution to the Literature Contributions which correspond to the alma of the article are more Interesting and thorough.. Gill Gorton, 2001) In the Dynamics of Managing Diversity: A Critical Approach explains the clear differences between encouraging the exit of older workers through retirement, public policies and the legislative protection against discrimination. “On a European-wide comparison, specific age-related legislation is emitted… In France, workers aged fifty to fifty-four who are made redundant are excluded from the state pension, and the employer is forces to bare the cost” (pig. 44). Kiloton advocates for stronger public policy In older workers to encourage employers to Turner develop tenet own strategies. ) In Social Protection versus Economic Flexibility: Is There a Trade-off makes similar arguments for looking at the legislative policy. Blank states Japan has a seniority-earning profile which creates an incentive for firms to dismiss their older workers, however, unlike the United States older workers are less likely to be dismissed.

Article For Critique Paper

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Sweden uses a seniority rule for dismissal, “older workers are explicitly protected by legislation, workers over eager 45 must be given six months notice of dismissal, and employers must try to find other Jobs for those who have lost the ability to perform usual Jobs” (pig 206). Recommendations The article argues the dynamics of policies in countries determine retirement or retention at age 55; to strength the article a more in depth analysis of the organizational cultures would be included.

In addition, statistics on the percentage f people over age 55 in those countries to show a comparison of the employment and unemployment rates of older workers. A more in depth explanation on why there are trends would be to include what the demand is for Jobs versus the supply of human capital, whether the labor skills in these countries can or cannot meet the demand. Key questions to answer in the article are do firms fire older workers when there is a downturn in business? Social programs and how it determines the breakdown of the employment/population response, do firms require more mature errors?

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This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on Article For Critique Paper and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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