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Art Final

Winslow Homer’s A Wall, nassau was made using?
water color, pencil on paper

Mummy Portrait of a Man was created using what medium?
ecostic on wood

the bodhisattva painted with the technique of fresco secco is remarkable because
it became the wall

where is the focal point in Giott’s Lamination?
Christs face

A traditional ground for tempera paintings, which consists of a mixture of glue and plaster of paris or chalk, is

the painting process that allows for a continuous blending of tones and hues on the painting surface is called
oil painting

when an artist paints with a mixture of watercolor pigment and chinese white chalk, the process is called

Painter helen frankenthaler moved from staining her canvases with oil to using which painting medium?
Thin oil pigments/acrilic

Mixed media artists have achieved what important innovation in art?
materials in everyday world

painting was largely considered a craft, lesser than other arts like poetry and music until?
15th century

Louis Daguerre, in Le boulevard du temple, was able to include what in his photographs?

Eadward Muybridges photographs, like Annie G. , Cantering, Saddled, are early examples of artists capturing what?

The drawings by William Cameron Menzies are examples of a vital part of the filmmaking process called?
Story boards

Sound was introduced into film in what year?

Dodging and burning are darkroom processes by which the photographer can manipulate which aspect of a photo?

Walt disney is best known for creating which type of films?
Feature-length animated films in full color

Did Stanley Kubricks, A space odyssey contain CGI or digital effects?
Digital effects

Maidens and stewards, a parthenon fragment of the Panathenaic Procession, illustrates what ancient sculptural convention?
Low/High relief

The greek kouros illustrates the idea of shifting or counter positioning weight around the axis of the spine in figurative sculpture. This pose is called?

One the the complex aspects of wood carving that a sculpture may pay attention to is?
wood grain

Allan Kaprow created “assemblages of events performed or perceived in more than one time and place” He called these?

How does “assemblage” primarily differ from other sculptural processes?
It brings many pieces together

The sculptural material most commonly associated with “modeling” or additive processes?

Greek figurative sculpture was greatly influenced by Egyptian sculpture. What did the greeks add?
Naturalistic Style

By the late 14th century, the african kingdom of benin had developed tremendous refinement in the art of?
Brass casting

a work in which weft yarns of several different colors are manipulated to make a design is called?

the bent-corner chest is carved from cedar, a wood that is native to which region and favored by native american artists there?
the north west coastal

objects formed out of clay and then hardened by firing are referred to as?

Native Americans used a traditional method for producing pots that did not involve the potters wheel. What was it?

Originally when an artist worked in “the crafts” in meant that they?
produced functional object

Most ceramic objects are created by one of which three methods?
slab, coiling, throwing

We can trace the earliest distinction between the crafts and fine arts to?
joseph wedgwood

Stained glass was first to develop where?
12th century

The Robie House, is a typical work by the architect
Frank lloyd wright

The international style is a type of architecture is marked by
Austere geometric simplicity

The Seagram Building, designed by Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe, is a perfect example of
International style

How did gothic architects compensate for the lateral thrust of the cathedrals
Flying Butressess

Frederick Olmsted conceived of what common architectural planned community concept taken for granted today/
Central Park

Which of these best describes Frank Gehrys design process?
computer based

Name three Greek classical architectural orders
doric, ionic, corinthian

Explain how architecture can be both an art and a science
Research and design

Which 19th century building by Joseph Paxton could be considered an early example of the relationship between new technology and architecture?
The crystal palace

American glassmaker Louis Comfort Tiffany inspired which design movement?
Art Nouveau

Where and what was the Bauhaus movement/school?
Design school in germany

The arts and crafts movement was started in england by
William Morris

The first fins to appear on an automobile were on the 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood. Its designer, Harley earl, was inspired by
designs he saw from the bauhaus school

The burlington Zepher sparked American interest in which design style?
art deco

The sophisticated ancient drawings from Ardeche Gorge are located in which cave
Chauvet cave, pont-dark frace

Nike of Samothrace is an outstanding example of?
Hellenistic realism

The She-Wolf, later adopted by Romans as a symbol of their civilization, was until recently, thought to have been made by which culture?
Entruscans 753 bce

The word neothilic means?
New stone age

Construction of the Acopolis in athens began about 450 bcd under the leadership of whom?

Stonehenge in England is an example of what type of monumental stone architecture?

Architecture and art of the Roman republic was heavily influenced by the building styles of which earlier culture?

What is the church whose name means “holy wisdom”
Hagia Sophia

the hinged clasp from the sutton hop burial ship illustrates a distinguishing characteristic of the art of migrating peoples of the middle ages, most notably its
animal style

Muslim architecture, like the Mosque at Cordoba, uses what to create a sting visual impression
repetition and rhythm

the manuscript page of St. Matthew from the Gospel book of Charlemagne is an excellent example of
Carolingian art

The first christian churches were patterned after basicilicas used by the romans as
government buildings

one feature distinguishing gothic architecture from romanesque is the extensive use of
stained glass

The tremendous dome of hagia sophia is supported by
four pendentives

The architecture of the gothic church was able to reach an extraordinary height through what development
flying buttresses

Whose david ws the first life-size nude sculpture since antiquity?

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona lisa is thought to have had appeal to the renaissance imagination in part because the portrait reveals
imprecision of features, pyscology

the sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini created Ecstacy of St. Theresa, a centerpiece of a chapel in rome. It is typical of which style?
Baroque style

The Baroque can be characterized by?
theatricality, drama

In the 1330s, Petrarch conceived of a philosophy that emphasized the value of the individual and the pursuit and study of classical languages, literature, history and philosophy. Today we call that

What sets northern european artists apart from most artists of the Italian Renaissance is their interest in
Rendering believable space in realistic detail

Michelangelo’s painting, The last judgement, for the Sistine Chapel, typifies a style that came to be known as

Early Renaissance architect Brunelleschi is best known for
geometric michelangelo raphael

Florentine Renaissance art prioritzed disengo, drawing and delineation of forms while Venetian Renaissance art prioritized
Light and color

Machu Picchu was a getaway for which cultures rules?

Which artist rejected modern society and painted images of “primitive” island culture such as in the day of the gods
Paul gaugin

Which artist painted The Large Bathers
Paul Cezanne

Romanticism can best be described as
Reality is a function of individuals view point. individualism

Agelica Kauffmann painted in which style that was based on greek and roman models?

One of the primary subjects of Neoclassical art is

Romanticist artists, like Frederick edwin church, viewed nature as

The paintings of Giacomo Balla capture the fascination with movement characteristic of artists of which movement

Pablos Picasso’s Guernica represents an event in the
Spanish civil war

Cubism can best be described as
making people and places into geometric schemes/little cubes

which of these painting is considered an Abstract Expressionist painting
Willem de kooning – women and bicycle

The Persistence of Memory by salvador Dali illustrates how he looked to his subconscious for his subject matter. What artistic movement is he associated with
Dada and surrealism

Pablo picasso and Georges Braque helped pioneer cubist landscapes. What earlier painted of landscapes inspired them?

Postmodernism has been defined, in part, as
presence of diverse tradition in a single work

The two major art movements of the 1960’s were the Cubists who freed painting from the necessity of representing the world in order to dwell on

Henri Matisse was a leader of early 20th century artists who felt free to use color “Arbitrarily” and were labeled derogatorily “fauves” which translates as
Wild Beasts


This timeline shows a modern look at the resources available to showcase their artwork in a free public forum. I chose painting with coffee because I feel this collection will attract website traffic and sibyl advance the careers of these talented youths. Understandably some might think that in comparison to famous artist or well known paintings, painting with coffee is not the best choose. I strongly disagree and the fallowing presentation will hopefully prove the importance of finding youth and new materials to express artist creativity. Year created: 2 Title of artwork: coffee blossom Artist?was name(s) Kennedy Medium: painting with coffee Museum or institution who owns the work http://Kennedy’s. Deviant. Com/ The design is a classic Japanese cherry blooms tree branch.

In Japanese culture the cherry represents Describe what you see and the design as a whole. History: In what art style does it fall? Interpretation: Is there any symbolism? Fig. Year created: 2009 Title of artwork: showrooms and coffee Artist?was name(s) talismanic http://talismanic. Deviant. Com/ Formal analysis: Describe what you see and the design as a whole. A beautiful woman on a showroom trip. History: In what art style does it fall?

Year created 2006 Title of artwork: coffee painting Artist?was name(s) hesitate http://hesitate. Deviant. Com/ Describe what you see and the design as a whole. Fig. # Year caricatured Title of artwork tower AD Artist?was name(s) Hyena http://hyena. Deviant. Com/ Formal analysis: Describe what you see and the design as a whole. I see a cute little graph History: In what art style does it fall? Year created 2012 Title of artwork: Coffee Stain Portrait Artist?was name(s) Hong Y http://honing. Carbondale. Com/projects/4196578#1

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