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Are custom essay reviews genuine? Paper

A few years back, when custom essay reviews sites were only a handful, students new to custom essay writing looked no farther than at these sites. These sites could be relied upon by students because they were genuine. The sites provided credible information on custom essay writing sites that are honest and those that are scams. That, however, was then.

Things have changed drastically and new customers to the business can never count on the reviews sites. Every single day more and more people asking themselves, – Are custom essay reviews genuine? Most likely, before placing an order people goes to the review sites to find at least some information or feedback on the selected company. However, unfortunately, the review sites cannot be trusted anymore because of three main reasons.

First and foremost, custom essay reviews sites are owned by the very people who own tens of custom essay writing sites. In such a case, any rationally thinking custom essay writing services consumer is likely to read mischief. The review sites owned by these persons, and most of the sites are, are likely to do at least two things. First, the sites are likely to promote their own sites, which is of course what happens in most cases. Secondly, the sites can be used as grounds on which reputations of other genuine custom essay writing sites can be tarnished.

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The second reason why custom essay review sites cannot, and should not, be trusted is because the contributors to these sites are customers who have been frustrated by their custom essay writing companies. Although these customers may have been frustrated in one way or another, the frustration may have been aggravated by their own cause. For instance, a customer who fails to give clear instructions, or who fails to deliver all materials necessary for an assignment, has no one to blame but themselves for custom papers that are off the point.

Finally, custom essay reviews should not be trusted because those who contribute to these sites are persons who have the intention of ruining the reputation of certain custom essay writing sites while at the same time promoting others.

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