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Are Athletes Paid Too Much Paper

Athletes are paid way too much. People in the NFL, MLB, and PGA are getting paid $111 million dollars a year. That is 56 times the amount a E1 in the United States military makes. Do you think that’s fair? I sure don’t. Someone who gives their life, family, and freedom for godsakes, is getting paid less than someone who runs a ball back and forth across a field. This is why I think athletes are paid too much.

First, we must ask ourselves, what do athletes do? Some athletes play basketball, some play golf, and others football. But for now, let’s look at football. A football team is composed of a quarterback, a center, a running back, a fullback, a wide receiver, a tight end, left the guard and a right guard, and left tackle and right tackle. Each position gets paid at least a million dollars per year. How does this compare to some of the more, how do you say, risky jobs? An E1 in the army earns $19,740 (After Basic Training), and this means that the people who run a hog skin across a field are supposed to be more respected? What about the man who runs across a field while being shot at? Some who died just to sacrifice for their country and to save your freedom. Not only do Football players get more popularity, but they also get more respect somehow. If a football player were to meet you on the street and you knew him from T.V or whatnot, then my guess is you would probably be amazed. But people see veterans all the time, and I barely see anyone thank a veteran. Just the other day I saw a navy veteran in the church. He passed by at least 30 people before he finally walked passed me and I thanked him. I was just so surprised at how no one thanked him for his hard work and dedication to his country. But you hear of famous athletes who receive thank you letters by the minute, but meanwhile, our veterans are homeless and waiting for VA benefits.

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In the article, Why Pro Athletes Aren’t Paid Too Much it states, “Athletes put well over 40 ho…

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