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Chartres Cathedral Architecture Analysis Paper

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This essay sample on Chartres Cathedral Architecture Analysis provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

The cathedral was the most of import edifice in the town of Chartres. It was the Centre of the economic system. the most celebrated landmark and the focal point of about every activity that is provided by civic edifices in towns today. Chartres cathedral has upheld its importance in the life of the people within the community. and has lived up to its labor and outlooks. The cathedral was of import in the mundane life of all. whether it was used as a church. a market place. or merely a wonder for all to position.

Because of its diverseness. it brought a batch of attending and prosperity to the metropolis of Chartres. which helped it turn more. which so created a brilliant rhythm to be lived up to. Chartres cathedral was an of import construction in Medieval Europe because of its spiritual facets. socio-economic impact and architectural manners that it brought frontward. Religion plays a cardinal function in many lives today. and has been for many years—Chartres cathedral fed this appetency with the narratives behind the Windowss. the history behind the sacred adventitia and the utilizations behind the maze.

Chartres Cathedral Essay

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For the longest clip. the stained glass in Chartres were one of the chief beginnings of spiritual cognition. The Windowss have been providing all around it with the narratives of the Old Testament. the Virgin Mary and the life of Christ—many of the Windowss were used as “a ready beginning of direction for the nonreader population” because instruction was non as valued in these times. These Windowss. through their utmost importance. proved to be a immense helper in the lives of the dwellers of Chartres. In add-on. the cathedral was said to hold housed a adventitia that purportedly belonged to Blessed Virgin Mary.

This adventitia was thought to be lost when the first cathedral burned down. but “after three yearss of chilling. priests who had taken shelter in the resistance vaults emerged from the ruins. amongst many informants. with the relic intact. ” This in itself had proven to the people of Chartres to be a miracle. and it was believed to be a mark from Mary herself. therefore the building was begun once more. It was besides believed that this adventitia provided the community and the church with a protection. and when the townsfolk believed they had been deserted by their defender in the fire. they thought that “the rebuilding was ineffectual.

The maze besides provided to the faith facet of Chartres cathedral. This maze was used as a pilgrim’s journey or for penitence. though “as a pilgrim’s journey it was a questing. seeking journey with the hope of going closer to God. ” The maze was considered to be a spiritual. protected portion of the church because it survived the fire. and one time you get to the center. you are greeted by a cross. a symbol of enlightenment. Although the faith makes up a good part of the history of Chartres. the socio-economic facets have to be considered when judging its importance.

Chartres cathedral gained its importance socially and economically by its enigmas. its utilizations as a market and its utilizations as a societal nine. The enigmas of Chartres cathedral. such as the adventitia and the Windowss. pull much attending to the community. which helps increase population every bit good as the money created from tourers. It is the fact that “Chartres’ Windowss are alone in the sense that a stained glass window became the object of devotion” that makes people maintain coming back for more.

Besides. Chartres cathedral was used socio-economically in the ways that it had been used as a market place within the community ; “The cathedral was the most of import edifice in the town of Chartres. It was the Centre of the economic system. the most celebrated landmark and the focal point of about every activity that is provided by civic edifices in towns today. ” Equally good as there being merchandisers within the doors of the cathedral. there were besides the uneven workers who were “gathered in the cathedral seeking occupations. such as carpenters and Masons. ” To add to that. Chartres cathedral was used as a societal nine during World War II.

While the Windowss were removed from it. the Germans would utilize the cathedral as a societal nine during their business in France. This cathedral is foremost seen as …a topographic point of worship and fear. sacred to God. But traversing that threshold in the Middle Ages took you into many topographic points at one time: a town hall. a societal nine. even a market place. and yet besides a temple. a topographic point of authorization. and so nil less than a sort of Eden itself. Although Chartres is known for its socio-economic success. its architecture is besides a celebrated capable pertaining to this cathedral.

This cathedral is of import because it has changed the manner that many people look at architecture by looking at new architectural characteristics. structural lickings and architect’s modestness. “In 1194. the master-builder of Chartres outlined new rules which would animate all the great designers of the 13th century…”—Chartres cathedral had “established several new architectural characteristics ne’er seen before ( winging buttresses and the arches used ) and pioneered new techniques for building at high lifts above land ( …war machines… into lifting Cranes ) . This would later alter some of the techniques used to construct and make other Gothic styled cathedrals.

Besides. this cathedral had overcome a couple structural lickings to add to its list of illustriousness. Chartres had to yield to many different fires over its span. and it had to maintain on acquiring rebuilt clip after clip. Besides. with towers standing at around 115 meters tall. this cathedral had been the tallest of its sort around—“before this. nil had of all time been built at such highs. ”Another aspect adding to the importance of this edifice architecturally is the modestness and altruism of the designers that planned its edifice.

Many of the designers involved in the creative activity of this cathedral have went on nameless because it doesn’t affair who made it. but what was made—“ To do something every bit exquisite as this without desiring to nail your… name all over it. All you hear about presents is people doing names. non things. ” The spiritual facets. socio-economic impacts and architectural manners of the Chartres cathedral are the ground it deserves to be known as an of import construction. Chartres was built and rebuilt based on its spiritual hopes and beliefs. and it served to be an resident to the people while the other jobs of the clip were happening.

This edifice was besides good for the townspeople because they had a manner to acquire together. trade. and communicate in a safe and forgiving topographic point. under the eyes of God. The architecture in itself is adequate to see this edifice of import: it provided designers with ways of acquiring around their jobs and it bettered things to utilize and make to better what I being done. Chartres has been a really helpful and of import edifice in assisting us analyze past beliefs. life and assisting us to get the cognition we need for inventions and the building of future great edifices. much like this one.

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