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Arab Nations Paper

World War to current day, the Arabs have struggled to create a prospering nation of their own. The Arab states are underdeveloped because of the lack of support from the sthronger nations around the world. The most important questions to be asked are why is the Middle East such a mess? How can the United States help? And How are they helping themselves? The Middle East has gone through years of hardship even though they were one a dominant culture. The Middle East is a “mess” for numerous reasons starting with the first world ar.

After the great powers of England and France won the first world war, there was a lot of land to divide up and give away. Through the Husan-McMahon Letter, a portion of the Ottoman Empire was promised to the Arabs in order for them to form there own homeland. Although, this land was promised land was also promised to the Jews, who altimatley received there own homeland. The Arabs were angered by this which started a permanent grudge against the world’s super powers. Following this England and France put there own allies in power over the Arab states.

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This only ook the anger of the Arabs further which would altimately started revolts. The strict religious governments and corrupt governments over powered the freedom of the Arab people. Without freedom the public felt as though there own government had betrayed them. These governments only pointed to one country which is the United States. The US has been involved in many world affairs, but we have failed to help the Arabs because of our partnership with Israel. The US can help the Arab states by providing them with materials to take over there own country.

If the Arabs can finally ave there own homeland it might start recovering a huge gap between the two cultures. Also, America should allow Arab sstudents to study in America and learn our culture closer. This will allow the Arab people to know more about us. Lastly, In the future America should be able to have peace treaties with the Arab people so that we can have an end to this brutal war and hatred. The Arab states have finally learned of there own strength in recent events. Since 2010 there have been movements known as the Arap spring, This movement is revolts against corrupt governments to put democracy into place.

The Arabs are helping themselves by forming together and forcing change on there governments. Instead of waiting for help like there were doing, they decided to take control of there own country. By putting a democracy together these nations will come together through equality. The underdeveloped Arab states are there own faults even though they do not nave tnere own nomelana. we nave now seen nat t tne Aran states don’t need nelp from superpowers and can do it on there own. The questions of the middle east have shown that there is a lot of anger towards the United States.

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