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APA research paper sample “Psychological effects on being a hispanic” Paper

The rise of immigrant children in America in recent years has drawn attention of social and public institutions on the challenges facing them. Common challenges that face immigrant children are poor English proficiency, low socioeconomic status and cultural shock of their immigrant parents. Of interest are the psychological effects of American life on Latino immigrant children raised in America.

Most researchers conducted on the topic show that Latino children suffer from emotional and psychological effects related to their immigration status. Hispanic children, whose parents leave for the U.S. to seek greener pastures, suffer negative psychological, trauma, disruptions and grief which are caused by the separation, reunification and migration of the family (Briones, 2009).

These children also face poor language proficiency especially in English and cultural assimilation problems since the language of communication at home are Latin as used by their parents. Moreover, their parents insist on their children maintaining their Hispanic roots, making presenting a challenge for the children to assimilate American culture while holding on to their cultural roots. This confusion in assimilation creates emotional and psychological problems manifested in poor grades, delinquent behavior, drug abuse, early pregnancies high dropout rates and involvement in crime (Lee et al., 2006).

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Moreover, Latino children who had immigrant parents performed poorly in class due to the psychological effects of their separation. These are often depicted as poor discipline and emotional problems which are very noticeable in teenagers as compared to those of a younger age. Moreover, studies have shown that children with immigrant parents suffer from their low socioeconomic status, have poor self esteem of themselves and their future as compared to children who immigrated with their parents or who were born in America (Gindling & Poggio, 2009).

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