Taking Advantage Of Crossword

Does It really have to be that detailed and long to explain one simple word? When did education actually begun or developed? Some of you may say “what do you mean by that? ” Well, every day, every hour, every minute and every second we are learning. It can be from knowing how to open your eyes for the first time. It could be the knowledge of how to cook for the first time. Or even down to knowing how to change the television channel.

Education Is all around us. But some people are either not taking advantage of It or Just don’t have the opportunity to receive It.

Statistics showed that over the sat 20th century, people are more likely to graduate from high school more than the past generation before. The way the economy is changing; having education is one of the top requirements in order to receive a chance for a Job. Most high end Jobs will require you to have a college educated level.

Its funny how our youth today are graduating more from college, but at the same time our youth Is falling or dropping out of high school Is Increasing. Why are the static that way? What Is Interfering with our youth that is causing them to lose the chance of a lifetime?

Taking Advantage Of Crossword

We need to in courage our youth to achieve and make a better life for themselves. Education can be explained in so many ways, that I sometime catch myself off track! Education has affected our poverty.

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That’s right; education can affect poverty but how? The home background of individuals Is one of the most Important factors that contribute to the educational outcomes. In some countries education Is not that important or accessible. Some households or countries cannot afford it financially. The higher the costs of schools are the less it is available to the poor.

The more rope outs the more we have children and adults either on the street or in Jail. Statistics show that the average drop is the lack of funds in the household. What is there for a child to do without an educational background? There arena that many sass out tenure Tanat would accept anyone walkout a college degree, let alone a Nell school diploma. So, therefore they are selling drugs or in Jail. Just two years ago in Washington, DC, 18,200 students dropped out in the metropolitan area for the Class 2008. In Philadelphia, PA, an estimate of 16,400 dropped out of school for the Class 2008.

Alliance for Excellent Education. (2010, January 12). Now if those numbers were reduced Just in half, there would be an increase in a lot of things. There would be more sales for consumer products, cars, and houses. More things would be bought because people are getting Jobs and making money. They are receiving these Jobs due to them having an educational background. When having a higher level of education it can be beneficent for you, your family and your pockets. For an example: a person with an executive Job will bring in more income than a person working as a garbage pickup person.

That’s because the person with the executive Job has a higher educational background. This person is able to bring in more income, which allows them to sit back and enjoy “the fruits of labor” they say! Now, please tell me you would love to do that one of these days? You could if you were able to afford the education. In our grandparents generation, that chance to receive that education were very low. But today our odds are high but yet there aren’t that many people taking advantage of that opportunity. You should want to better yourself. Be able to buy a nice car or house before your lifetime.

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