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Essay Examples on Antisemitism Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Antisemitism

When God created the world,He invented the races:The Indians, the Negroes, the Chinese. And also the wicked creature called the Jew. This saying comes from a children’s book published in Germany in 1936.The question raised by it is how did the German people so readily accept this kind of hate policy from their leader?The answer is to be found in the cultural and historical fabric of the European community and especially in that of the German people.There is one thread that makes all the difference to this question of why, it is called antisemitism.To answer the question presented, one must follow the thread as it weaves its way through the tapestry of anti-Jewish actions.To understand the antisemitism and the acceptance of it by the Nazi period German population, one mustfirst look at antisemitism and its beginnings in history prior to the Nazi period.The thread of antisemitism was most likelyspun in the medieval period with the conflict between the Christian church and the Jews. European antisemitism is a natural result of the “religion” of Christianity.By the word religion, the idea of tradition and pious thinking is inferred, not the teaching of Jesus which is love for all mankind.From the earliest days of Christianity’s growing strength over the Roman Empire, its leaders preached against Jews, using emotional and very powerful condemnations.The psychological and theological need that impelled Christians to look at themselves differently from the Jews( who brought the religion from which their own had broken off) was born over and over again with every new generation, because as long as the Jews rejected the revelation of Jesus, they challenged the Christians’ certainty in that revelation.The Christians thought that if the Jews- the people of God- avoided the Messiah God had promised them, then something was wrong.

2nd Essay Sample on Antisemitism

The Holocaust was not a strictly Jewish event that only involved the European Jewry as a culture. The Holocaust began with the euthanasia acts that began in 1939 when under the Nazi Party citizens that were racially German who were mentally ill, physically disabled, and incurable sick were gassed and killed. Along with European Jewry other groups such as Russian prisoners of war, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witness, gypsies and others were discriminated against and killed. Although the European Jewry made up the majority of those killed by Nazi Germany they were not the only ones affected by the Nazi’s reign. Thefirst to be affected by the Holocaust were those who in 1939 had been physically and mentally disadvantaged.

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These killings were considered “mercy killings”and under this euthanasia program “about eighty thousand people were killed in six different centers.”These were not the only killing that occurred but they are the ones that any record of Hitler actually ordering and are therefore the most substantial evidence for the start of the Holocaust. Also, the killing of physically and mentally disadvantaged people meant that European Jewry were not the only to be subject to the horrors of the Nazi state. Another connection between the early euthanasia acts and the later death camps is that the chemists who performed these acts were and experimented with different poisons and carbon monoxide were moved to the East to continue their work there. Since the public had become aware of the actions being taken by the Nazi government the programs were slowed down and gradually moved out of Germany all together. Another argument that functionalist use is that although some intention was there to rid Germany of its Jewish population it was not focused on exterminating them completely.

The same anti-Semitist sentiments were just as strong if not stronger in the Great Britain and France.

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