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Antigone Paper

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In the tradition of all great Greek tragedies, Sophocles created a masterpiece when he wrote the play Antigone.The play contains a similar plot to a tragedy such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet because the play focuses on what lengths people go to when they cannot be with the ones they love.The play begins on a down note because the main character, Antigone, and her sister Ismene are the daughters of the exiled Oedipus whose luck was ill fated after he married his mother and killed his father.
Antigone is upset because her brother Polyneices was killed and his body was left to rot.Her sister does not support Antigone’s decision to have a proper burial for their brother and she is afraid of what Creon, who is the ruler of Thebes, wrath will be.Antigone is in engaged to Haemon, the son of Creon.Antigone follows through with her plan to her brother and this angers Creon.Creon decision is to exile Antigone to a cave for life and spare Ismene.Haemon begs his father to spare Antigone but his pleading does not work and Haemon vows to never see his father again.
Teiresias, the blind prophet, enters .He warns Creon that the gods side with Antigone.Creon accuses Teiresias of being corrupt, and Teiresisas responds that because of Creon’s mistakes, he will lose one child for the crimes of leaving Polyneices unburied and putting Antigone into the earth.All of Greece will despise him, and the sacrificial offerings of Thebes will not be accepted by the gods.The chorus asks Creon to take their advice and to bury Polyneices and save Antigone.Creon agrees to do this but before he can, a messenger tells Creon and his wife Eurydice that Haemon and Antigone have both taken their lives.Eurydice disappears and Creon goes to visit his son’s body.Creon mourns because he realizes his actions have caused these events.Another messenger arrives to tell Creon that his wife has killed herself and with her last dying breath she h…

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