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Annotated Bibliography Essay

The space race generated innovative artificial satellites, human fistfights, and unmanned probes of the Mars, Venus and the Moon. Everyone wanted to lead in terms of technological advancement and ability to innovate new ideas. Ladles-Billings, G. (2009). Critical race theory in education. The Rutledge international handbook of critical education, 110. The curriculum projects have a positive outcome in that they were able to attract a large pool of people from higher education Institutions as well as from schools. The persons became leaders and experts In the field of science. Before Sputnik, science was not a major In the lower grades.

Sputnik Introduced Science In Elementary schools and provided specialists who would work with teachers in Science teaching. In turn, many teachers responded with enthusiasm and took the advantage to improve their teaching and subject matter knowledge skills as well as upgrading their teaching curriculum. The government encouraged students and employed qualified teaching to support the need for better education systems. In addition, school administrators and teachers were eager to learn how to write proposals in a bid to receive funds for equipment and laboratory facilities from the NEED program.

What Sputnik did is that it focused on attaining long-term goals in education. However, the war was a great challenge for the U. S. In trying to dominate space. Although the efforts made by Sputnik seem to fade, the federal government must continue with Sputnik’s spirit. It was necessary to ensure that all state and local schools continue with those projects established by Sputnik. Elbow, R. N. (1994). The long peace, the end of the cold war, and the failure of realism. International Organization, 48(2), 249-277. This article focuses on how Sputnik contributed greatly to science education, as we know it today.

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Most of the problems that schools face today were there long before Sputnik. Technology advancement provided solutions to many problems that were challenging the world. It is evident that Sputnik years made a turn around in the education system since this time, most of the course development projects were founded. This in turn revealed that scientists and teachers collaborating could accomplish more than individuals’ efforts. Moreover, there developed a practical knowledge on curriculum development as witnessed In the Lawrence Hall of Science and in the Educational Development Corporation.

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