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Anne Essay about Environmental Collapse Paper

The world today is encountering a lot of environmental problems. One of these problems that is evidently seen everywhere is pollution. Pollution is the addition of chemical or physical agents to the air, water, or land in an amount that can threaten human health, plants, and wildlife. It also lessens the human enjoyment of the environment. Pollution is mainly caused by the people, and this results in natural disasters, dirty and contaminated environment, and diseases.

The primary cause of pollution is the people. As we all know, our country is overpopulated and consequently, it adds up to the pollution. Since there are many people, a lot of space is being occupied. The place gets crowded, thus not having room for air, noise, and garbage disposal. The lack of discipline and selfishness of people also worsen pollution. Undisciplined people throw their trash anywhere they want to while selfish people do not care about what is happening around their environment. Instead of the people helping diminish pollution, they become the ones aggravating it even more. Lack of dumpsites also increases pollution because people don’t have enough space to throw out their garbage.

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Pollution also has its adverse effects such as natural disasters, diseases, dirty and unpleasant environment. Natural disasters such as flood and erosion occur because of pollution. Floods take place because trash that is not thrown in the proper place clog the sewers and drainage. Erosion, on the other hand, takes place because of the rubbish buried under the soil.

The soil could not hold anymore because of abundant trash buried under, thus causing soil to erode. Another consequence of pollution is diseases. People get diseases such as cholera and amoebiasis from contaminated water, which is again due to the garbage thrown in rivers or other bodies of water. These diseases could also lead to death sooner or later. Pollution also makes the environment dirty, messy, and unpleasant to look at.

We can see that pollution causes diseases, natural disasters, and dirty environment. In order to lessen these things, we must act responsibly, take care and be more conscious of our environment.

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