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Animal Overpopulation Paper

If there was ever an outbreak of wild animals like deer and boars would destroy everything in their path. National Geographic (n. D. ) produced information on the deer tick. They are feared by humans because of their ability to transmit a debilitating virus named Lame disease. Lame disease’s true name is bacterium Barriers buffering (CBS news Minnesota 201 1). This virus was given the name Lame disease after being discovered in areas of Connecticut in the 1 sass. National Geographic (n. D. ) refers to the illness as being rarely fatal and can commonly be mistreated for symptoms Of the flu.

Humans also fear this deer tick because of its very small size and can be undetectable on the skin until it is too late. These deer ticks are known for commonly hitching rides on deer. Overpopulation of deer, more rides for the deer ticks. Overabundance of animals like deer and Boars can demolish vegetation. CBS news in Minnesota (2011 , November 4) had a segment about deer overpopulation in Ramsey County. The clip mentions, “If there was no hunting, deer would overcome and terrorize farms, gardens, and forests in search for food. ” Another news clip from CBS news in Tampa Florida (2011 ,

April 3) mentions the overpopulation of Boars spreading throughout the nation. Boars are spreading from South Carolina all the way to California. They are reportedly devastating vegetation and are becoming a plague on communities. As these creatures progress throughout the nation, they are ruining trees, scratching the bark looking for grubs and other items to eat. As the bark becomes damaged, the tree eventually ends up dying. Keep in mind trees are a main source of the planets oxygen. Once there are no more trees, there will be no more oxygen. If there were ever an end to hunting, the economic losses could be imaginable.

The Washington Post (201 1) written by business columnist Allan Sloan, has pieced together research On economic loss of deer overpopulation in 2010. Included in his report were accidents, deaths, and financial costs of Lame disease. Sloan (201 1) reported costs of insurance to be in the billions of dollars. For this column, Sloan (201 1) gained information from State Farm Insurance and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. CBS news in Minnesota (2011) report if there was an end to hunting their loss would be in the area of 458 million dollars. CBS news

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Minnesota (2011) also reported for their area, in 2010 there were 3144 car/ deer related accidents. As a result of these accidents, there were 366 human injuries sustained and 6 deaths have occurred. These reports are from what the population of deer is today. If there were ever an end to hunting, these numbers would be much greater than what has been provided. Hunting can be a very effective tool in controlling animal overpopulation. An article named In Defense of Animals (n. D. ) retrieved from IDEAS (n. D. ) admits to “Hunting takes care of removing animals from population. They tryingly believe the animals can take care of themselves and let nature take its course. DAISES (n. D. ) also believes the agencies that look after animal population fudge numbers to accommodate deer hunters. “Reducing deer access to vegetation in residential developments will force deer to be more reliant on wild vegetation. When deer rely on available wild lands for an only food source, a corresponding drop in deer population should take place. ” What makes this wrong is what would happen after all the deer eat the wild vegetation? Does this mean all the farms need to close down because they mount toward reducing access to vegetation?

This will keep the buckeye ratio equal and they will have an easier time mating causing overpopulation problems. This site is pro-end of hunting but it does give other means of controlling animal population. Either way, hunting would still be a necessity because there are not enough natural predators now to control the deer. CBS news in Tampa (2011) had a call to action. They aired affected people asking for hunters to take the fields and help stem the wild pork. The boars are grazing and ruining Tamps vegetation. Minnesota is desperately trying to keep hunters in business.

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