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“Angels and Demons” Review Paper

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Essay on “Angels and Demons”

After reading this book, I probably like most began to delve into the historical sources, checking the validity of Dan Brown’s claims. But soon he stopped when he realized that, yes, mostly historical truth is respected. But my friends! In all of this, let us not consider this work as some theory of something. It’s not like that at all. This is a brilliant detective, what I can not say about the rest of his works. No, no, I do not say that they are terrible, just Digital Fortress and the DaVinci Code is much easier and more interesting we are discussing the book.

I davilos read the book, half a year after my trip to Rome. It’s fine! I myself have imagined all the action as he crawled there all with the camera.

But still my friends. This is a good detective story in which both raised some problems. But this is done too unprovable and probably a bit naive.

As for the idea of ​​the author. He provides us with two opposing sides (for most of the book). Mysterious Order and the Catholic Church. Here lies the book’s title. The author also gives us in its name two more indisputable opposite, namely: Angels and Demons. Thus, asking us not replying to the end of your question. Who Angels and Demons who? The Roman church or an ancient order?

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And so, I would advise you to read it. Not a bad little book, no gold modern literature course, as many believe, but a good detektivchik. With an interesting plot and unpredictable. I give an opinion Normally, because nothing in the works of genius I have not found. Yet it is close to 3 quartet.

And in no case do not watch movies! It turned out a lot worse! Much cut that is in the book, and a lot of rewriting.

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