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Angels And Demons Book Review Paper

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Essay on “Angels and Demons”

I do not think Dan Brown living classic of world literature, but vse-taki to me his novels – it is not “easy Pulp Fiction” under the subway car knock as approximately expressed well-known and not-so person. Absolutely do not even have. Yes, Brown is now trendy writer and he suddenly appeared at the turn of the millennium. I first learned about him and read his books only after watching the film adaptation of “The Da Vinci Code.” Then I find and read all of it came out at the time of the book. Dan Brown – is a kind of Umberto Eco for the poor, perfectly learned the most important rule of literary marketing: if you want to be read all, write about someone they know everything. He raises the bar to a maximum height, its ambitions high. In “Angels & Demons” – a Pope (in the “Da Vinci Code” – is even higher … in the “Digital Fortress” – National Security Agency). I, as a person who is interested in art – especially the Italian, the Renaissance, the book draws its fascinating history of the monuments of art, which is so rich in Rome and the Vatican. Also those who like intellectual games, computer adventure games, certainly not remain indifferent. And well on bricks laid out storyline (about the book Brown no one accused of plagiarism, in contrast to the situation with “The Da Vinci Code”) is special, “Brown’s” narrative style does not let go until the last page. Brown skillfully weaves into the storyline historical facts, events that took place many centuries ago and modern. In this he is not afraid to say the word -. Master

The intrigue is developing at a breakneck pace – Professor Langdon until midnight must find out who killed a brilliant scientist physics, save the four cardinals, each of which may be the new Pope, and to prevent monstrous force explosion at the Vatican. Well laid out and every detail is drawn character Chamberlain – the main villain. In the book it is mixed a little of everything: the historical facts, scientific data, information about architecture and art, all seasoned with a certain amount of fiction, the author’s imagination. Yes, experts will find the chamberlain mistakes – it is always a cardinal, and the pope can be elected not only the cardinal, but any Catholic. But “Angels and Demons” – a sort of Mighty intelligent thriller that promotes familiarizing readers to knowledge, the multiplication of knowledge about art, architecture, sculpture, history, modern science. This is not a documentary-historical work, of which I read a sufficient amount that, I mostly there hardly ever reread. And Brown – sure, he deserves it !

Angels And Demons Essay

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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Angels And Demons Book Review and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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