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Forrest Gump Analysis Paper

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Paper type: Analysis , Subject: Film Analysis

“The universe will ne’er be the same one time you’ve seen it through the eyes of…” Forrest Gump: a movie chronicling the life of a mentally challenged adult male nowadays during three of the most typical and dynamic decennaries in American history. While on the surface lies a heartwarming and inspirational narrative. the underlying narrative tends to research patterned advance of American society while depoliticizing history. Throughout the movie Forrest is straight involved in major events of the sixties. 70s. and 80s. yet he ne’er shows any enterprise of his ain. What is the film maker seeking to insinuate?

Vietnam War Forrest Gump Analysis

Sociological analysis

An apprehension of Forrest’s background in an of import and qualifying component in the movie. Disadvantaged by a awful spinal column status and a low IQ. Forrest battles through childhood in petty Greenbow. Alabama. Due to his mental disablements. Forrest becomes the victim of academic favoritism. which his female parent battles urgently to decide. “He might be a spot on the slow side. but my male child Forrest is traveling to acquire the same chances as everyone else. ” she stated to the principal of Greenbow County Central School. “He’s non traveling to some particular school to larn to how to re-tread tyres. ” ( Gump 1995 ) Forrest’s female parent was determined. Taking advantage of this. the principal coerced Forrest’s female parent into merchandising a sexual favour for registration in school. In add-on to these unsettling events. Forrest finds himself tormented and isolated by neighborhood kids and townsfolk who seem incapable of handling him with anything but reproach and contempt.

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Forrest was besides an active portion of many of import events. including protests lead by George Wallace against integration. the Vietnam War. the Pinging Pong Diplomacy period. anti-war activism lead by Abbie Hoffman. Black Panther Party meetings. and the Watergate dirt. It would be sensible to state that being portion of such of import events and would do him vulnerable to the societal forces of the times. yet his deficiency of critical idea as a consequence of low intelligence seemed to bespeak the complete opposite– he remained entirely unmindful and ignorant of their significance.

During George Wallace’s “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door” protest. Forrest stands oddly in the background. more interested in his milieus instead than the existent protest. During the Vietnam War. Forrest ne’er inquiries the morality or the docket of the U. S. authorities. and receives the Congressional Medal of Honor for his attempts. His full experience during the Vietnam War can be summed up into one conversation between him and the Drill Sergeant: “Gump! What’s your exclusive intent in this Army? ” “To do whatever you tell me. Drill Sergeant! ” ( Gump 1995 ) Still. the most appalling part of stolid responses glorified in this movie can be contributed to Forrest’s careless engagement in the anti-Vietnam War mass meeting lead by Abbie Hoffman. He was wholly clueless as to the intent of the anti-war motions. His position of Abbie Hoffman’s function? “There was this adult male. giving a small talk… And every clip he said the “F” word. people. for some ground. good. they’d cheer. ”

Though the focal point of the movie is directed towards Forrest Gump. the effects of societal forces are most frequently expressed and implied through Jenny Curran. Forrest’s by and large unseeing nature contrasts harshly with Jenny’s forthright and independent character. Without Jenny. we would hold a collectively unrealistic and unsure portraiture of many happenings that contributed to the construction of today’s society. Unlike Forrest. Jenny was consciously and deliberately involved in the counterculture motions of the 60’s. as she is seen draging the countryside with fellow “hippies. ” take parting in anti-war motions. and in secret affecting herself in Black Panther Party meetings. Before Jenny sets off on what turns out to be downward coiling towards adulteration. she speaks to Forrest of her motivations. “…I want to make people on a personal degree. I want to be able to state things. merely one-to-one. ” ( Gump 1995 ) However. Jenny’s plans for a better society are brought to a astonishing arrest when Jenny develops a fatal disease stemming from unstable drug usage.


Although Tom Hanks ( Star in Forrest Gump ) affirms that the movie was “non-political and therefore non-judgmental. ” the old illustrations show deductions otherwise. Though the movie does take a base against disablement favoritism by casting some visible radiation on the troubles that accompany being disability during a indurate clip in American history. it’s motivations were by and large equivocal and ill-defined. Based on the film makers unattractive mentality on counterculturalism. his deficiency of discretion when touching on issues like integration and independency. every bit good as his insensitive attack to the deceases of militants. we can get at the undermentioned decision: the harrowing experiences exposed in this movie can be easy discarded as something warranted merely by devoted persons who attempt to further humanity.

Forrest Gump Analysis

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