Analysis of Robert Creely's Poem "Oh No"

What comes to mind Is a humans experience of life after death. Creel describes a wonderful place that people want to end up once their lives come to an end. Through Creel’s explanation about this final destination, we are able to Infer that he Is writing about heaven. The first two lines are “If you wander far enough you will come to it. In these lines he author tells the audience that if you go through life, you will one day die and be accepted into heaven.

The wandering refers to living your life. If you wander far enough you will end up dying someday. Then when you die, you will live your afterlife in heaven. Heaven is what the “it” stands for. The next two lines are “and when you get there they will give you a place to sit. ” These two lines are describing the arrival to heaven. When the author says “they’ he is talking about God and the angels.

He is telling us that we are given somewhere to it to relax.

Heaven as we know it is a peaceful place. We are able to sit down after a long Journey through life to relieve stress and pain. After that he writes “for yourself only, In a nice chair,” which shows that everyone gets their own chair to sit. Everyone receives a nice chair for themselves because everyone is treated equally in heaven. God sees everyone the same. No one human is better than another in God’s eyes.

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All the people in heaven deserve their own chair. It is not because we are selfish, but because we are all created equal.

We should all be awarded with a place to sit and enjoy heaven after going through our difficult lives. The following line states “and all your friends will be there. ” This means that all friends and family, that have passed away earlier, will also be there. People are reunited with all of their loved ones. The afterlife in heaven is supposedly a wonderful place where people live eternally. It would be an exciting experience to be able to be with your loved ones again after the pain you felt when they passed away during your life. Then the author writes “with smiles on their faces.

This line shows how happy your friends are to see you when you arrive. Smiling is one of the easiest ways to show one’s happiness. It also shows us that they enjoy living there. Since they are all smiling, it makes you feel like it is a warm, loving environment. Creel wants the audience to know that heaven is the best place to be. Everyone is happy in heaven because there is nothing to worry about like there is during life on earth. You do not have to worry about school, a Job, money, and other things that cause stress and anxiety.

Finally the last line states “and they will likewise all have places. ” This shows that everyone Is treated the same way in heaven and nobody Is left out. They all have places to sit because God will provide to those who deserve to be in heaven. It’s trying to tell us that whoever Is accepted Into heaven will live happily ever after. This Is a good way to end the poem. Creel Is showing us that everyone has a place reserved for them in heaven and God is willing to accept all humans. 0′ represents ten Tear AT cleat . I could mean Tanat people are tartar because they have Just died and they do not want their lives to be over. It could refer to a state between life and the afterlife in which people do not know if they will end up in heaven or hell. Most people want be accepted into heaven, so they might be nervous that God will send them to hell. Either way, the author shows us that there is no need to worry because God will accept us into his kingdom. We go through life everyday trying to please God in order to enter into heaven hen our lives are over.

Religion plays a major role in most peoples lives. The fear of not being accepted into heaven can cause people to fear death. If we try to please God and make the best that we can out of our lives then there is no need to worry about death. The afterlife is supposedly much better than life on earth and we are able to live forever in heaven once we have passed away. Creel is supporting the beliefs that one enters into heaven after death and lives happily forever with their loved ones.

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Analysis of Robert Creely's Poem "Oh No"
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