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Analysing The Islamic View About Homosexual Religion Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Sexual Orientation

Homosexuality is non allowed in Islam. These are poetries in the Holly Book, Quran, where Allah clearly said about Homosexuality: –

We besides ( sent ) Lut: he said to his people: “ Do ye perpetrate obscenity such as no people in creative activity ( of all time ) committed before you? “ For ye pattern your lecherousnesss on work forces in penchant to adult females: ye are so a people offending beyond bounds. ” – Holy Quran 7:80-81

“ Of all the animals in the universe will ye attack males ” . “ And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your couples? Nay ye are a people offending ( all bounds ) ! ” – Holy Quran 26:165-166

Explaination: – This verses refer to the activities at Sodom and Gamorah. It seems to connote that there was no homosexual behaviour before it foremost appeared in Sodom. The transition besides links the wickedness of Sodom ( the cause of Sodom ‘s devastation ) to homosexualism.

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The Quran prohibits any sexual relationship except in a matrimony between male and female. It is advised to take Homosexual as a trial of life and stamp down the feeling to follow God ‘s jurisprudence in Islam.

Some Islamic motion say that verses in Quran is can non be to the full acceptable for this modern society and besides claim that Quran speak about homosexual lecherousness but non homosexual love. These motion such as Al-Fatiha foundation and others accpet and condiser homosexual as natural. Note that, each Islamic state have their ain jurisprudence against Homosexual, nevertheless, some Islamic state do n’t hold any jurisprudence against homosexual. State like Malaysia has it ain jurisprudence against Homosexual and the punishment for homosexual individual would be all right or 2 old ages imprisonate or both.

Harmonizing to The Islam Society of North America, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, said: “ Homosexuality is a moral upset, a wickedness and corruptionaˆ¦ No individual is born homosexual, merely like no 1 is born a stealer, a prevaricator or liquidator. Peoples get these evil wonts due to a deficiency of proper guideance and instruction. ” He besides said: “ There are many grounds why it is forbidden in Islam. Homosexuality is unsafe for the wellness of the persons and for the society. It is a chief cause of one of the most harmful and fatal diseases. It is scandalous for both work forces and adult females. It degrades a individual. Islam teaches that work forces should be work forces and adult females should be adult females. Homosexuality deprives a adult male of his manhood and a adult female of her muliebrity. It is the most un-natural manner of life. Homosexuality leads to the devastation of household life. ” In short, he really seeking to turn out that homosexualism is incorrect in Islam and besides non healthy.

All Islamic schools of idea and law consider homosexual acts to be improper but they differ in footings of punishment: –





South & A ; Eastern Asia

No physical penalty


Arab universe

Severe penalty


Arab universe

Minimum of four grownup male needed for informant before one is found guilty of homosexualism

Decision, in Islam, it is clear that homosexual is incorrect and can non be accepted and pratise by Muslim and there is penalty of Muslim who practise. The punnishment besides differ in schools and Muslim who belong to a specific school will undergo the punishment that is warranted br that peculiar school.

Christian position about Homosexual

As Bible is the Holy Book for Christians, the Bible had talk about homosexualism in some poetries. Below is the illustration of some the poetries: –

Genesis 19:1-13

In this poetries, a narrative is mentioned here which is believed to hold a close relation with homosexual. The narrative is chiefly approximately two angels came to the metropoliss of Gomorah and Sodom. This metropoliss is full of sexual activities including homosexual activities and the people here is dominated by lecherousness. The people of this metropoliss come to cognize about the two angels is remaining in Lot ‘s house and they want to hold sexual intercourse with them ( New Jerusalem Bible ) . After some arguements between Lot and the people, the two angel said to Lot that the ground the came to the metropoliss and it was to destruct the metropoliss which is ordered by Lord

Leviticus 18:22-30 & A ; Leviticus 20:13

The Book of Leviticus contains ordinances for workship and chiefly speak about the manner to Christian should populate and workship God. In these poetries, Book of Leviticus references about homosexual.

There are other verse talk about this subject or related to this subject such as Roman 1:24-32. Unfortunately, some broad Christian do non take Bible as God ‘s words or the narrative that teach the manner to populate but these Christian return Bible as a record by human. This belief is the ground why some Christian accept Homosexual eventhough it is stated clearly that Homosexual is incorrect in Bible. Homosexuality is accepted by some Christian denomination and the acception of homosexual twosome can be catogeries into allows as members, ordains, blesses brotherhood and marries.

These are Homosexual acception of some denomiation: –


Allows as members


Blesses Union







Roman Catholic Church

Yes ( but may perchance be denied sacraments since it varies )

No ( celibate homosexual work forces besides non to be ordained, adult females are restricted regardless of orientation )







Yes ( allows Bishops to make up one’s mind )

[ Beginning from: hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christian_denominational_positions_on_homosexuality ]

Every Christianity denomiation have their ain grounds on why they adapt this type of acception on Homosexual.

In conlusion, most of Chritianity denomiation does non accept homosexually to the full and Christian is bounded to his or her denomiation to mention on homosexual. However, in Bible, it is stated in many poetries that can be interpreted that homophile is incorrect and prohibited.

Buddhism position about homosexual

Buddha did non go forth any instruction neither about homosexual orientation nor homosexual behavior. He promote his follower to prove the truthness of spiritual learning before accepting them ; “ be a lamp onto yourself ” . Buddhism Teachs to make thing that utile and helpful, based on good purpose and and freedom from injury.

There are some statements made from basic Buddhist priciples, which is Buddha ‘s Eightfold Path. The second of the eight stairss is called as Samma sankappa: right thought or right resoluteness. When this measure is related to sexual behavior, it is explained as that it is non allowed to prosecute with enjoyable activities such as onanism and besides injury another individual. Other than that, 4th measure of the eight measure, Samma Kammanta ; right behavior or right behavior besides been related with sexual behavior. This measure is explained as that safe sex should be practise to avoid go throughing STDs which may do decease, engage with lone sex that has common consent, and avoid “ improper ” sex. From here, harmonizing to basic Buddhist rule, we can state that homosexual can be practise except if there is no common consent or it is improper and besides safe sex is non practise.

Theravada Buddhism is one of the largest division of Buddhism. Theravada Buddhists say that if a relationship gives out felicity and wellbeing to both parties, so it is positive and can be accepted. Kerry Trembathe commented that Buddhist leaders grouped coercive sex, sexual harashment, child molestation and criminal conversation as sexuall misconduct but heterosexual and homosexual sex are accepted. Kerry Thembathe concludes: –

“ Unfortunately, it can non be said that homophiles in states where Buddhists are in the bulk are any more free from bias and favoritism than they are in other states. Everywhere it has taken root, Buddhism has absorbed facets of the dominant civilization, and this has sometimes been to its hurt. Neither is it true to state that people who espouse Buddhism are themselves any more free from prejudiced positions than those of other persuasions. However it is clear that there is nil in the Buddha ‘s instructions to warrant disapprobation of homosexualism or homosexual Acts of the Apostless. It seems to me that many homosexuals and tribades, peculiarly in Western states, are drawn to Buddhism because of its tolerance and its reluctance to pull stiff moral lines, although of class I have no difficult grounds for this. … The same rules would be used to measure all relationships and sexual behavior, whether heterosexual or homosexual. ” [ Beginning from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.religioustolerance.org/hom_budd.htm ]

Hinduisme position about homosexual

Homosexuality is a controversial issue within Hindus ecspecialy among Hindus in states where homosexually is accepted by and large. The celebrated Kama Sutra explained that homosexual sex is to be engaged in for its ain interest as humanistic disciplines.

There are arguement is done on this subject against the Hinduism ‘s instructions on sex, love and matrimony. In Hinduism, love is an external force which is of import to achieve Moksha. Erotic desire or Kama in Hinduism is one of the most legimate pleasances on Earth, nevertheless prenuptial sex and adulterous sex is prohibited. This is summarise of the arguemnt.

Some people does non hold to accept homosexual and these are their points: –

Romantic love of course between work forces and adult females and it is impossible for homosexual people to see this love.

Then, homosexual is a signifier of lecherousness ; since lecherousness is non right, therefore homosexual activities are non right.

One of the three maps of matrimony is Prajaa, the offspring for prolongation of one ‘s household. A homosexual twosome can non reproduce, and therefore can non be married.

Since homosexual twosomes can non get married, they can non prosecute with sexual intercourse as premaritel and adulterous sex is incorrect.

At the counter portion, they have their ain points and these are the points: –

There is no prove that show love is between work forces and adult females in Hindu. Therefore, it is non true.

Hence, homosexual twosome can see love and non crave at all clip.

The three maps of matrimony is from Dharma Shastras, books that non adhering to Hindus. Prajaa may be interpreted in a figure of ways that do non affect reproduction at all even if the three map is related to marriage. Thus homophiles should be allowed to get married.

A loving relationship is encouraged to hold sexual look since it is non expreesion of lecherousness but love. Therefore, homosexual is loving relationship should let to show their love sexually.

Sikhism position about Homosexuality

The Guru Granth Sahib, The highest authorization in Sikhism, kept silent on homosexual subject, nevertheless there are parts of Guru Granth Sahib that have been interpreted that homosexual is incorrect. The five stealers that should avoided by Sikhs ; Pride ( a’Hankar ) , Anger ( Kr’odh ) , Greed ( Lob’H ) , Lust ( K’haaam ) and Attachment ( Mo’H ) are statedin the Guru Granth Sahib. Many Sikhs believe that homosexual is a merchandise of lecherousness, therefore homosexual is out.

In mention to Sikhism ‘s rejection on Indian caste system, Sikhs that born or raised in states that tolerant to homosexual describe homophile is “ the new Untouchables ” . These Sikhs besides believe that Guru Nanak ‘s emphasisation on cosmopolitan quality and brotherhood supports homosexual ‘ rights.

Any alternate manner of life is prohibited in household life ; one of Sikhism ‘s most implicit in values. Most of Sikhs assume that this means homosexual is prohibited. Most of Sikh will seek to get the better of homosexual feeling by believing it is lust and marry opposite sex individual. This makes a belief that no homosexual Sikh.

But those Sikh who support homosexual, say that household populating value is non merely for heterosexual twosome but besides applicable for homosexual twosome. In decision, most Sikh do non rehearse homosexual, nevertheless there is some Sikh who support the arguement about homosexual is non incorrect and pratise it.



Acception of Homosexual


Not Accepted but a minority people accept homosexual and they have their ain arguement.


In Bible, homosexual is prohibited. Depend on Christianity denomiation whether homosexual is accepted or non and besides the grade of acception.


A controversual issue ; some accept and some non and they have their ain arguement on their acception.


Alike as Hinduism ; some accept but some non.


Most of Sikh do non accept but a minority people accept it.

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