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An Overview of Fantasy Football Paper

Fantasy football is where people select NFL players to create a team online. The better the player performs in real life, the better your fantasy team performs. The better the stats they have in real life game, the more points that specific player awards you for your team. The more points you have, the better and when matched up against someone the team with the most points wins. To get started on building your team you would first need to join a league. Leagues are made up of eight to sixteen owners. There are free leagues, and there are money leagues where you can buy in a certain amount of money to enter the league. Once in a league, there will be a commissioner who takes charge of making sure everyone is having fun there are no disputes and sets the draft date. Now that you have joined a league, you must now create our team.

Drafting is the most important part of fantasy football. First off you need to make sure you know when draft day is because if you miss the draft day, you’re screwed. There are two types of drafts, the snake draft, and the auction draft. The auction draft is a very rare kind of draft, and not many people are in those but basically, every owner starts off with two hundred dollars and they all bid on specific players, and you do that until your team is created. More likely than not. However, you will be in a snake draft and how this draft works is that each round whoever drafts last drafts first the next round. So for example, if the draft has ten owners then in order the owners will draft their players in the first round and whoever was the last to draft in that round will go first in the second, and it will reverse the order round after round.

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During the draft, it is important to know the values of the players you choose. You need to make sure that the player is relatively healthy or even still playing in the league, yes there have been people who have chosen players who no longer play or are even deceased….

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