Socratic Method Essay

The Republic we come to ponder the question of Justice. Just exactly where In the dialogue does Socrates win over the debate with Trashcans and gain the support of the bystanders? This Is very open-ended and opinionated question, but there are parts of the dialogue In which rises to a climax and then falls. As you read on I express in my best words where I feel Socrates took control of this debate over what Justice is. There is no doubt a lot going on in this dialogue and much back-and-forth between individuals.

In that respect it is not easy to pin-point an exact location of where the tides turn in favor of Socrates. From my own perspective of reading this part of The Republic I feel Socrates takes the debate on justice at IEEE. Why do I think this? Well, looking at the before and after of this part it presents to me the climax of the debate between them.

Up to this point Socrates is following along with the Idea of relating the different professions to arts since Trashcans thought he was witty to say Socrates did not know the shepherd from the sheep.

What Is An Example Of The Socratic Method?

It Is at this point In which I feel Trashcans cannot save himself and his stance any longer. Let’s take a look at the build up to the climax; what has taken place before this to support it as the climax of the debate. Trashcans previous to this is trying to defend his position by saying that the unjust fairs off better than the just.

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I feel that this dialogue that he has given just completely goes off track of the topic.

He tries to give a good punch with words, but instead he starts talking about this trying to cover from Just being told by off by Socrates and agreeing with everything he said previously, because he knows Socrates has put him in a corner at this point. How does he expect to rebound and make a comeback to defend his position like that? He can’t so he moves completely away from it and attempts to make Socrates seem fallible with the statement that I previously mentioned of not knowing the shepherd from the sheep.

Socrates Isn’t stupid though, he knows what Trashcans Is doing when he does this as we see next. After Trashcans gives his ideas on the unjust it appears he is done and feels he has proved his point and is in attempt to vacate the debate. This brings me to my point after the climax. It is to me apparent, Socrates has won. Trashcans is only made out as a fool from then forward. He is tussled now that he has been pressured to remain in the conversation. It is apparent he still feels he has won as he sneers at Socrates when he says he is not convinced.

As the reader I was not convinced either at his statement. Just following it, Socrates is able to take everything he has stated and has shown the falsity in his ideas. As Socrates goes on to question what Trashcans has stated In terms of what was previously discussed about the professions and arts, thus proving him wrong again. Aside from what actually took place In this debate It shows a clear example of the Socratic Method. Always ask questions about the question and question the answers to the question.

One individual leads another to contradict himself strengthening the ay that the unjust faired out better than then Just, but Socrates turned it right back around and made him contradict himself again. To reiterate once more, we are shown the Socratic Method in this small excerpt of Plat’s The Republic. We see, in my opinion, the point in which Trashcans has questioned by Socrates to the point in which he begins to contradict his own words. In a good attempt he tried to revive his stance, but it was not enough. Socrates comparison of profession to arts set the stage for Trashcans’ demise in this argument.

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