Irwin Shaw Evening in Byzantium

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As the increase in the number of books Irwin Shaw’s in my house, growing up, and interest in the personality of the author. But before you read this novel, I knew only that Irwin Shaw American. Look at Wikipedia made me own guess, maybe even intuition: “Lo, this is a real Irwin” And so it happened: I was right to calculate it.

“Evening in Byzantium” – autobiographical novel. If you want, you’ll see for yourself

The novel for many very attractive -. Cannes, La Croisette, the famous Festival

not only the main character, Craig

.. – why are you in Cannes?

Irwin Shaw Evening In Byzantium

This question is asked a young girl appeared in the room of the hero as suddenly as it sometimes breaks with the sea breeze in the half-open French window, door, or carrying with it the long-awaited cool, or curdling ” Cannes cold abyss … »

« to answer this question -.

means to expound the essence. I’m in Cannes, to save his life “- was nearly escaped Craig’s mouth

It is unlikely that in the atmosphere of a generous sun, bustling waterfront terrace, luxurious receptions, anyone would take seriously the words of a successful producer. even for a long time not to release new films. Only relatives would try … But even for them, our hero is closed. People like Craig, longer watch what they say, it’s when they attract, they guessed inner strength

The girl -. Every man’s dream – “beautiful, but not on this bet.” With this there is always something to think about … But what she needs, and who she really is, and why she knows so much about it?!

All of these issues revolve in the air, along with the emerging sense … But in this personal life hero finally came stability, reliability, confidence … with the one that is just as beautiful, just as smart, just as independent and at the same time, committed to.

lyrical atmosphere of history, I tried to convey to show a nice background – a platform on which “screaming” spot stands out “rampant film art – artists and n sevdoartisty, hustlers, scam artists, buyers and sellers, gossips, prostitutes, pornographers, critics, hangers-on, the characters, the losers of the year – in its nakedness. The pursuit of the almighty dollar. . Bordering the joy of the people the film industry with rigor and fickle world of cinema »

Against this background, the contrast stands a story of love – pure, touching, vulnerable …

Leave all the achievements in the past,” it was and it was, “and try to” go to his field through another gate. ” Here’s what Craig has to do. As it is not easy!

It is necessary to pay tribute to the character of the hero. You will meet with a clever, shrewd, not without self-irony, the hero, trying to keep the mind cool during hot heart, and sometimes – on the contrary …

Once Upon hearing an unusual, but real love story, Craig conceives himself to write a screenplay . The manuscript – not so bad, the one who brought thousands of amendments to other people. But how dare show their work and learn – whether he is worthy of at least a two-hour attention ?! How else then wait for the verdict, and the one who used to first decide the fate of many authors ?! This task becomes almost impossible … Only the inner strength, the rod – the skeleton, I would say – helps the hero. Even if he gives his work for someone else. After all, the identity of this magnitude does not stumble right. Or am I not right? Rather, it can, but to climb harder, in front of everybody … Fall … just do not have to – take off, and that’s a long flight to be ?! It all depends, again, from a woman … and from the allotted time …

I would like to mention a quote – appeal to the author, it seems to me, directly to the reader: “By the end of the second month, he realized that to tell the story the old man and young girl – that’s not all. Not all, because in this story there is no place for him. Not him in the flesh, not the circumstances that forced him to sit every day, at a table in a quiet hotel room, and his beliefs, his character, his hopes, his judgments about the times in which he lived. Without this, all that he had, in the end, neither created, would be incomplete, useless. »

There is no good works without expression in it’s own convictions of the author.

Irwin Shaw confirms my own views on the literature: “Without a visible copyright participate, in their own words and deeds is important to reveal – what it means for Americans, the second half of the twentieth century, the love of all intrigues, compromises and humiliations to which man pushing money, morals, authority, status, affiliation a particular class, cr asota and lack of beauty, honor and dishonor, illusions and disappointments. »

« WITHOUT VISIBLE PARTICIPATION COPYRIGHT !! “There is no pressure! Everything is free, for love!

Irwin Shaw manages it as very few people, and for that I put it in a number of his favorite writers. His position in life is very close to me.

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