“Evening in Byzantium” Movie

The following sample essay on “Evening in Byzantium” Movie tells about the main plot of the film and the main characters.

Jess Craig 48 years. He’s a film producer, yet known, but standing at the very edge of the abyss of oblivion. For five years, Craig has been the creative is not the search, not the crisis. He arrives in Cannes at the famous film festival, to, in his words, “to save his life.” Chances of survival are, for Hollywood, in spite of its short memory, still learns and recognizes the former Arbiter young playwrights and directors.

Craig was still in the game, but does not allow the festival whirlpool tighten it into a series of secular banquets and parties. In Cannes, he has another goal – he had come to reassert itself and, most importantly, he finally has something to say

However, not only about his return to the movies day and night thinks Jess Craig. In the novel, there is another line – the women.

No, not love, not romantic, but it is women. They are many, and all (everything) – Belle (a kind of Olympus sample 1970). But Craig’s women (who were also quite a few) – a rare beauty. Each of them had a special relationship. But there is no love in the novel. Maximum – a fad. In my opinion, this is a plus. The strong romantic line would greatly “handled” the product. And so – everything is in harmony and moderation. Craig holds his “saving” campaign in an environment beneficial for men and attractive women, he is full of memories of the past and hopes for the future.

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Craig, despite the fact that stays away from Hollywood’s top filmmakers, however, does not oppose it. In this sense, it is not the protagonist, upholding the highest values ​​of cinema as an art. No, he’s one of those people who make a movie good money. “When you do a movie, you do want it to look?” But something still makes it stand out. Jess Craig truly loves what he does. Cinema – his life. Cinema and the only love of this man, and all his women, no matter how they were queens, ever laid a secondary role.

As a whole we can say about the book? She is interested in. The major role played by the excellent show tongue. Wonderful composition, everything is clear and to the point – no empty sentences or phrases. If you listen to the story interesting conversation. As for the plot, it is also quite good. And yet … After “Rich man, poor man” (a favorite of my book) in the “Evening in Byzantium” I did not have the scale. I feel this book does not leave a clear imprint in my memory and strong impressions – in the shower … Or, perhaps, I could not see the magnitude of this in the glare of the spotlight Cannes ..

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“Evening in Byzantium” Movie
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