An Analysis Of The Tui Group Tourism Essay

TUI a prima international leisure travel group which has over 200 different touristry trade names around the universe. The concern activities of the TUI Group were attributed to the touristry, logistics and the former industry divisions. Objective of this study is to analyze the strategic place of TUI by using assorted tools such as PESTLE, Five forces model, SWOT and analyse and predict the future deductions of its strategic capablenesss utilizing Generic scheme and Ansoff ‘s matrix to the instance survey. Restrictions of the tool applied are discussed with the analysis.


TUI group earlier known as Hapag Touristik Union of Preussag launched itself in touristry market at the terminal of 1997 with the purchase of Hapag-Lloyd AG. TUI expended its concern utilizing the enlargement scheme through acquisition, amalgamations, and investing through joint ventures all over Europe. TUI AG was spread in three sectors TUI Travel ( tour operating, air hoses and incoming bureaus ) , A TUI Hotels & A ; ResortsA and the sail ship concern form the World of TUI.

TUI AG holds, in add-on, a fiscal investing in the container transportation industry. TUI in 2005 was the tour leaders with 3500 travel bureaus in 17 states with 37 incoming bureaus. TUI owned more than 100 aircrafts and was the largest Hotelier in Europe with 285 hotels ( Case survey ) . Presently, the group owns 43,3 per centum interest in Hapag-Lloyd AG. InA the 2008 fiscal yearA TUI AG returned a gross of a‚¬24.9 billion with entire net incomes ( underlying EBITA ) of a‚¬759 million. As at 31 December 2008 the Group had 70,200 employees ( TUI group, company profile ) .

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To understand and use the Environmental analysis on TUI it is indispensable to execute an internal and an external analysis. External analysis on an industry is farther sub-divided in two environment macro-environment and micro-environment. In order to understand the likely impact of these environments on the touristry industry PESTEL analysis and Porter ‘s five forces is under taken for possible impacts on the industry competitory strength and advantage over rivals.


3.1 ( a ) POLITICAL

Political factors have a moderate impact on the public presentation and the growing on touristry industry. Where Political instability generates negative promotion and the hazard perceptual experience influences the tourers determinations which consequences in an ineluctable lessening in tourer reachings ( Hall and O ‘ Sullivan, 1996 ) . On the other side Terrorism has led serious touristry crisis, and has been impacting the fiscal status significantly in recent periods ( Sonmez et al 1999 ) . Terrorist onslaughts, the Iraq war has reflected a diminution of about 6.6 % in TUI ‘s touristry turnover from the first six months of 2002 to the first six months of 2003 ( excepting turnover contributed by Nouvelles Frontiers, which we acquired subsequently in 2002 ) . Health Crisis like SARS in 2003 has besides had a traumatic consequence on international travel ( Case survey ) .


Tourism is one of the turning industries, fuelling the growing and employment and has become a critical constituent of the universe of economic system. Due to Recession, a downward impulse was seen because most of the touristry operators were handicapped by the high degree of fixed assets and less able to pull off their air hoses and hotel industry ( instance survey ) . Fluctuations in fuel costs, Exchange rates and currency fluctuations, The Growth of low cost air hoses has lead to economic hazard in touristry industry.

3.1 ( degree Celsius ) SOCIO-CULTURE:

Change in life style has changed the demands of consumer ; they have become more monetary value medium and has increased its demand for new experiences. Consumer has developed a new attitude of WAIT AND SEE ATTITUDE ( Reisinger 2009 ) facilitated by last infinitesimal purchase ensuing in late engagements. As touristry involve motion of people to different locations which calls for cultural clangs. Tourism has besides Led to commercialisation of local civilization, standardisation of finishs and version to tourist demands ( )

3.1 ( vitamin D ) Technology

Use of information engineering gave a encouragement to touristry concern for reserves and administrative operations. With the coming of the cyberspace, circuit operators can now distribute out their activities and do available appropriate information, suppressing new clients ( Wyner, 2000 ) . With launch of in Germany, TUI captured a top place in European market in 2005 with a turnover of 2.6bn euro ( Case survey ) . Similarly in Island locations hi-tech locale networking was adopted to pull new visitants and to pass on to tourers ( The Daily Business Buzz, Nov. 2/09 )

3.1 ( degree Fahrenheit ) LEGAL

Air Travel Organizer ‘s License “ ATOL Regulations ” were imposed on any individual who advertises or sells air-inclusive vacations in the United Kingdom, granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. A figure of TUI ‘s concerns runing in the United Kingdom, including Thomson Holidays and Lunn Poly, clasp ATOLs. There were many European and national limitations on air hose ownership which could loss of air hose operating and path licences and do other inauspicious effects on touristry concern. TUI ‘s hotels and finish bureaus are capable to a assortment of Torahs and ordinances in the states in which they operate and, on a periodic footing, must obtain assorted licences and licenses. They are capable to a wide scope of labor, environmental and wellness and safety ordinances in each legal power in which they operate ( Listing Memorandum, TUI group ) .


“ International touristry can play the function of both victim and scoundrel when it comes to climate alteration ” ( Holmes 2007 BBC intelligence ) . To achieve sustainability TUI is continuously bettering on environmental public presentation, TUI focuses on ISO 14001 environmental criterions. Hence TUI strongly supports the environmental protection policies like, species protection, nature protection and landscape protection. TUI ‘s chief country of concern is the efficient usage of energy and clime protection. ( TUI Group, environment direction )


A house needs to neutralize every bit many as possible of the five forcers in order to make competitory advantage. ( Porter 1998 ) Porter defines five forces impacting a house ‘s competitiveness- menace of replacements, menace of new entrants in the industry, dickering power of providers, dickering power of clients, and the strength of competition within the industry. Understanding the nature of each of these forces gives organisations the necessary penetrations to enable them to make the appropriateA strategiesA to be successful in their market ( Thurlby, 1998 ) .

3.2 ( a ) Menace of New Entrants ( Medium )

For a new company to establish itself in the touristry industry needs a high investing and advanced thoughts to prolong its presence in the extremely competitory touristry market. The bing company have the capablenesss of supplying trim trades on inexpensive monetary values because of their established trade names and long ironss of circuit operator. TUI being the market leaders of touristry industry does non hold much consequence of menaces developed by new entrants.

3.2 ( B ) Bargaining Power of Buyers ( High )

A A A A A A A A A A A Tourism industry fluctuates with the purchasers altering demands. With addition in competition, purchasers have a wider scope of services to take from hence the touristry industry are forced to follow with altering demands and demands of clients. As the shift cost is non excessively high Brand trueness is low and with addition in buying power of a purchaser the likeliness of going besides increases. Buyers even eliminate the circuit operators and prefer do a direct sale from providers ( hotels, air hoses ect ) .

3.3 ( degree Celsius ) Bargaining Power of Suppliers ( Low )

A A A A A A A A A A A TUI uses backward integrating which means it has its ain providers ; in fact TUI itself acts as its ain providers.

3.3 ( vitamin D ) Menace of Substitutes ( High )

A A A A A A A A A A A With the turning universe of touristry there is a demand for strategic distinction. Customers are looking for new experiences, diversified attractive forces around the universe. The broad spread of TUI in Europe increases the menace of replacement due to growing of touristry industry in other parts of universe.

3.3 ( vitamin E ) Competitive Rivalry ( medium )

Tourism industry involves many rivals with an attack of executing better than the other. The competition degree additions because of distribution of market based on the regional operators, in private owned, extremely fragmented, and geographically marketed. Even though there was a moderate degree of service distinction, TUI has sustained the competition because of its trade name and leading in market


“ TUI ‘s strategic end is to make superior stockholder value by being a planetary prima leisure travel group supplying clients with a broad pick of differentiated and flexible travel experiences to run into their altering demands. TUI ‘s five strategic precedences for sustainable development are Embedding, Climate Change, Destinations, Our Peoples and Our Customers ” ( TUI Travel PLC, Strategy ) .

Since 1998 to 2005 chief focal point of TUI was on accomplishing cost control and distinguishing its merchandise in market. This was achieved by following Hybrid scheme which is a combination of distinction, monetary value and cost control ( Campbell 2002 ) refer to Appendix ( A ) . TUI creates heightening border quality through merchandise distinction by making alone travel experiences for its clients which helps them achieve trade name trueness and competitory advantage. With controlled distribution procedure the cost of acquisition can be reduced and flexibleness is achieved.

The five cardinal elements of TUI ‘ scheme:

Expand our core touristry concern

Exploit synergisms and cost efficiencies across our markets and merchandises

Leverage the benefits of our vertically incorporate touristry theoretical account and our broad distribution web

Identify new tendencies and exploit developments in the touristry industry

Continue to turn our container transportation concern

Over the old ages TUI has maintained its place as the market leaders of touristry industry by covering all the phases of touristry value concatenation by having its ain travel bureaus, hotels, incoming bureaus, air hoses and sails ( Business hebdomad 2009 ) . It has positioned itself to be its ain supplies, purchasers and travel services and had become a strong illustration of perpendicular integrating. Vertical growing can be accomplished by forward and backward integrating. Though the perpendicular integrating does non give 100 per centum success warrant in complete value concatenation, TUI has successfully build its concern with choice of travel bureaus in European market by holding Thomas cook air hoses with 100 aircrafts and having more than 3000 travel bureaus ( instance survey ) . Vertical integrating besides helps in pulling more clients, distinguish its merchandise and derive more power in market and addition economic systems of graduated table by cut downing the coordination cost and cut downing the net income borders of mediators ( Enz 2009 ) . Other advantages and disadvantages can be referred in Appendix ( B ) .

Major strengths on which TUI had built its leading and its failings which empowered them to get the better of and keep its place.

4.1 Strength:

TUI ‘s greatest strength is its trade name acknowledgment and to the full incorporate concern theoretical account with broad spread distribution web to supply operational advantages. “ TUI ‘s assurance is based on ( I ) ability to retrieve additions in input costs, ( two ) flexible concern theoretical account, ( three ) bringing of amalgamation synergisms, and ( four ) diverseness of the Group ‘s concerns ” ( TUI Travel Plc, 3rd one-fourth study ) . Appropriate strategic picks with the diverse work force and economic of graduated table in competitory selling and efficient distribution has proved to be its core competency. TUI ‘s planetary presence provides broad assortment of vacation services and has successful container transportation concern.


TUI Travel ‘s bing stockholder loan sums to about ?900 million is the major drawback for TUI ( fiscal times 2009 ) . The consumers are progressively keeping off on booking vacations in order to salvage money in recession. Whereas limited engagements transparence ( turning tendency toward short-run travel engagements ; unsure net incomes public presentation ) has besides effected the gross growing of TUI. Another factor is the impact of seasonality on sustained growing and public presentation of nature based touristry.


5.1 Key Drivers of alteration

Beside PESTLE ( Appendix ( C ) ) it is of import to place the figure of cardinal drivers of alterations which are forces likely to impact the construction of a concern ( Johnson et al 2005 ) . To understand the drivers of alterations in touristry industry it is required to analyze the alteration in consumer ‘s behavior, life style and precedences. In old ages to come the demographic displacements ( ageing population ) , engineering incursion, alterations in work form, clip force per unit area and altering manners of ingestion ( farther finishs, greater outlooks, more specialisation ) will do heavy impact on travel and touristry industry ( Lockwood and Medlik 2002 ) . Harmonizing to Peter Long, main executive of TUI Travel ( sustainable development study 2008 ) , Sustainability is one of the four key drivers for growing in TUI, the four chief drivers for a sustainability programme for TUI Travel:

Aviation and clime alteration

Protecting finishs from the impact of clime alteration

Protecting finishs from the impact of touristry

Switching demographics and consumer tendencies

These facets will analyze advancement of TUI which is made towards supplying vacations that cause minimum environmental impact, respect the civilization and people of finishs, and offer existent economic benefit to local communities.

5.2 Ansoff ‘s Matrix

Harmonizing to Johnson et Al. ( 2008 ) Ansoff Product/market growing can be used to analyze the deductions of corporate scheme applied to look for the chances open to the industry. This matrix consists of four quarter-circles which are used to measure four types of strategic determination ( Appendix ( D ) ) . It allows sellers to see ways to develop the concern via bing and/or new merchandises, in bing and/or new markets.

With an initial start in touristry concern from terminal of 1997 to 1999 TUI saw a existent range of incursion of its concern in German market with its bing merchandises and purpose to increase its market portion. With a vision of new chances TUI expanded its skylines by stepping into European market in 2000 with complete laterality and strong market portion with bing merchandises in new markets by taking over Thomson travel group, Nouvelles Frontieres ( France ) and Fritidsresor ( Scandinavia ) developing its market. With clip TUI focused on Product development and introduced low-priced travel air hoses in 2003, puting up TUI China and so increased its hard currency flow by subscribing joint ventures in Russia. In 2005 with launch of a practical circuit operator, TUI captured the top place in touristry industry and was able to develop a successful trade name Image. In 2005 TUI penetrated in most of the Europe, touristry division was subdivided into the five sectors Central Europe, Northern Europe, Western Europe, finishs and other touristry activities. TUI was diversifying geographically and that has helped to counterbalance the ups and downs of single states, which can be due to any macroeconomic factor. TUI has diversified geographically in Europe, India and China. They have besides diversified in their concern sections in logistics of container transportation section in order to accomplish economic systems of graduated table. TUI opted consolidation for long term growing and planetary trade name development to guarantee hard currency flow from developed market in economic downswing hence TUI considered consolidation has one of their merchandise and market scheme suggested by Johnson et Al. ( 2008 ) .



Changes in emerging and disconnected markets provide greater chance for growing in TUI, acquisition and joint ventures can supply a platform to construct stronger merchandise portfolio. Bettering TUI ‘s local concern, bettering in selling, gross revenues and distribution can back up turning demands for specializer vacations. Tour operators still have scope for consolidation by easing geopolitical tensenesss. Mention to Appendix ( E ) for more information about the chances and TUI ‘s attack towards it.


Protracted economic downswing has been a major menace to the touristry industry. Geopolitical uncertainnesss ( terrorist onslaughts and natural catastrophes ) , operators comparatively high debts, limited gaining transparence of some companies and seasonal-led volatile net incomes public presentations are some other reverses for touristry industry. Less attending towards environment and planetary heating may do a annihilating impact on travel concern.



PESTLE analysis is done to simplify the determination doing procedure while following a scheme. PESTLE factors helps in placing the past tendency of an administration on which future tendencies are identified. Practically PESTLE analysis makes it hard for a company to analyze the full macro-economic factor as it can be really clip consuming and dearly-won. In this fast changing environment, capturing equal informations might be hard and capturing excessively much of informations can do ‘Paralysis by analysis ‘ this predicted information might non be accurate. Stamp does non assist is happening out the degree of uncertainness in an administration. For effectual consequences this procedure needs to be undertaken on regular footing. ( Cipd, 2008 ) .


Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account works on comparatively inactive market construction because of which it can non explicate or analyse today ‘s dynamic alterations ( Recklies 2001 ) . This theoretical account every bit connote to all the rivals in an industry and this theoretical account can non be applied in isolation where porter accepted that result by using his model were merely relevant while the macro environment remained changeless ( Campbell et al. , 2002 ) . Five force analyses takes into consideration industry as a whole but it does non segregate different sections. The single analysis of each of the section can be of much aid than industry as a whole. It even assumes that relationships with rivals, purchasers and providers are adversarial. It oversimplifies industry value ironss ( Grundy, 2006 ) and It ignores the human resource facet of the scheme

6.3 SWOT

The SWOT analysis gives an overview of the topic but does n’t assist to acquire the inside informations. The classification of some facets as strengths or failings, or as chances and menaces is to some extent subjective. From the instance survey legion strength and failings were identified, but those all were a snapshot of the success and failure on TUI over all concern public presentation. Harmonizing to Mintzberg ( 1990 ) the appraisal of strengths and failings may be undependable, being bound up with aspirations, prejudices and hopes. Furthermore, Frost ( 2003 ) describes SWOT ‘s downsides from a director ‘s point of position as it would be hard for a director to place strengths than things they see as incorrect with the organisation and directors tend to depict an consequence as a failing and make non acquire to the causes. ( Zarkos et al. , 2007 ) provinces, an chance can besides be a menace for a company ; therefore the same job appears in the differentiation of strengths and failings.


Ansoff ‘s matrix is merely focussed on growing of a company it focuses on the touchable facets of merchandises and services and really small attending is paid to intangible facet like trade name. Another failing of the Ansoff Matrix attack is that it does n’t truly turn to the issue of trade name snap as a portion of the strategic decision-making procedure. ( pringle and field, 2008 ) . the usage of Ansoff matrix as a selling tool may non be truly utile as the matrix is critical for analyzing the strategic way that the trade name may be following, and does non basically place selling options ( Macmillan et al. , 2000 ) .

7.0 Decision

In this study the strategic analysis is carried out on TUI touristry industry utilizing assorted tools. First, macro-environment was analysed to understand the possible impacts on the industry competitory strength and advantage over rivals and develop an appropriate scheme. On a corporate degree intercrossed scheme and perpendicular integrating was discussed in support to TUI ‘s success. Following section of internal analysis described TUI ‘s nucleus competencies and focussed on future tendencies of TUI. The analysis of this instance survey concluded high degree of sustainable development which is inimitable.


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9.0 Appendixs:


Market monetary value reactivity

Price insensitiveness Price sensitiveness

Cost-based Strategy

Differentiation Scheme

Stuck in the in-between scheme

Hybrid schemes

Appropriate strategic attack

Adopted signifier David Campbell, George Stonehouse andBill Houuston, Business Strategy ( 2000 ) , 2nd edition.


Advantages and Disadvantages of perpendicular Integration



Can extinguish stairss and cut down duplicate

1 ) demand for operating expenses to organize perpendicular integrating

Avoid clip devouring undertakings and negotiate contracts

Burden of extra capacity if non at all end product is used.

Improve selling or technological intelligence

Obsolete procedure may be penetrated

Can make distinction through coordination procedure

Reduce strategic flexibleness due to being locked in a concern

Provide superior control of houses market environment

May nexus to an unprofitable adjacent concern

Offers an increased ability to make credibleness for new merchandises.

May non be possible for synergism

Adopted from Enz, A. C. , ( 2009 ) , “ Hospitality Strategic Management: Concept and Cases ” , 2nd Edition.

Appendix ( C )




Political instability of developing states

Government ordinances and regulative reforms.

High revenue enhancement policies of developed states.

labor, environmental and wellness and safety ordinances


Rise in disposable income in developing states

Currency fluctuation.

Rise in fuel cost

Emerging market.


Changing precedences of consumers

Health and safety concerns


Disposal income in consumer degree


Use of information engineerings systems for reserves

Use of cyberspace

Execution of new gross revenues and distribution channels

Enhanced flexibleness


Natural catastrophes

Global warming – restriction on C emanation

Appendix D


Existing Product New Product


Market Penetration



Merchandise Development


Market Development



Existing Market

New Market

Adapted from H. Ansoff, Corporate Strategy, Penguin, 1988, Chapter 6

Appendix ( E )


Our end

Implanting into our nucleus concern

Ensure our concern determinations take into history sustainable development rules

Operational impacts

Minimise the negative sustainability impacts ( peculiarly on clime alteration ) of our daily operations

Supply concatenation direction

Support our supply concatenation in pull offing their sustainability impacts

Choice redacting

‘Edit out ‘ the vacation options that do non run into our minimal sustainability criterions

Choice influencing

Make it easy for clients to take a more sustainable vacation

Awareness raising

Aid clients appreciate the sustainability impacts of touristry, driving demand for more sustainable vacations

Changing behaviourA

Encourage clients to alter their actions in a manner that maximises the positive and minimises the negative impacts of their vacation

Invention and merchandise developmentA

Develop new, more sustainable experiences in response to demandA

Collaborating with our industryA

Share best pattern with others in the touristry industry where our fight is non affectedA


Use our influence responsibly and in line with our committedness to sustainable developmentA

Puting something backA

Put something back into the environment or community wherever we can non avoid a negative impactA

hypertext transfer protocol: // whoareyou=add & A ; student=true & A ; submit=Submit

Menace of new Entrant

Advanced thoughts

Wide scope of vacation bundles

Menace of replacement

Worldwide touristry attractive forces

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